• Doris P posted an update 3 years, 6 months ago

    why can’t I upload my art work?

    • I posted an notification, but never sure if anyone sees it… there’s a problem with the gallery after a WordPress update in the past week and developers are looking into the issue. You should still be able to share your work the the image icon in the lower right of the post box, but the +Paintbrush icon isn’t working as it should right now. Thanks for your patience as we try to figure out a solve!

      • perhaps I’m doing it wrong as I’ve not been using a paintbrush

        • i go to my artwork page and click on the upload the painting comes up but after I click submit it appears that something is happening but the new painting does not appear nor do I get any error message

        • The last word was that the issue is due to an upgrade at WordPress. Even though you don’t use the paintbrush you are still downloading to the gallery so it would get hit by the same problem. I see you did get something to load – the problem seems to come and go. If your other photos should disappear, don’t panic – they’ve been coming back, but you may need to repost, later, the ones that never appear at all.

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