• Frances Turano posted an update 4 years, 10 months ago

    A DREAM COME TRUE: I’ve been painting watercolor since July 2017 and I’m terrible. Awful. Horrible. But less terrible, awful and horrible than last July. I’d say that’s progress, but what’s in my head and what my hand creates on my watercolor paper are clearly not having morning coffee together.

    Two days ago, I swallowed the first of many watercolor achievement gulps: I submitted my favorite painting to a competition. Doubtful it’ll win any awards, nary a mention, but the ONLY thing I wanted was a letter thanking me for my electronic submission. Now, on to the 2nd rung up my ladder: ONE painting I completely love and feel proud of each month.

    So many of you are incredibly gifted. I feel like I’m painting lopsided green wheels on a car from my kindergarten days. I believe excellence resides within me, but have to wonder when she’ll make an appearance. Did all of you have instant success right out of the gate? I feel like 8 months is too long not to have more successes. That bums me out. But then I remember that babies make their appearance nine months later. It seems as though my expectations are lopsided, not my green wheels.

    Then, something wonderful happens on my paper, and I’m filled up again. Is talent an acquired taste?

    • I personally think talent is a mix of the desire to achieve a certain thing and years of practicing that thing. I’ve been doing art all my life – watercolor for about 8 years and I still feel as though I should be better. Part of the inner critic that every artist has, I believe. Some people seem to start out ahead of the game, but I think that is because they know what their style is and hone in on it. Others search for their style while learning the basics of art and that can take longer.

      • Thanks, Sandra. I feel a bit better. I’ve not been doing art all of my life, just since July. Haven’t quite found my niche yet, so I paint everything to discover what that is. Maybe it is ALL of that, but more practice as you say. Thank you for your pearls of wisdom.

    • Frustrated here as well, having begun painting on and off for the past almost 1.5 years. I began quilting many years ago and took many classes with fabulous instructors. Somewhere along the way, having learned so many techniques, I began to make quilt patterns “my own” by tweaking them, then began designing original art quilts; until then, I never considered myself “creative.” The trouble is, I am not giving myself the same amount of time with watercolors to reach that stage. I want to be there Now! Well, it does not work that way, and I keep having to remind myself that with patience and lots of practice, perhaps some day….

      • Shar, a running theme ran across my mind when I read what you wrote. Why not paint your quilts, or patterns that you create? I made one crazy quilt many years ago for an ex-fiance, and wouldn’t you know it was the BEST thing I ever made and he got it. LOL Note to self. If I were you, I’d create paintings from quilts. I bet they’d be astonishingly gorgeous on watercolor paper!

        • Francis, it took me this long to answer because I have been thinking about your suggestion. I just do not know how I would go about doing that. My quilts are so eclectic, really all over the place in technique. Not sure how many would translate into watercolor; well maybe 1 or 2 but would not know how to go about doing it. MMcBuck has done that with some of her portrait quilts but she is more experienced in painting. Wishing I could include her in this “conversation.”

    • Thank you, Rod. I loved hearing about your watercolor journey. Then there is hope! Yay!

    • @rod-fletcher just re-read your note: “HM every month for 2 years” ! That’s quite remarkable and fantastic! BTW, turns out I did not sign up for the portrait class, but rather a domestic animal and wild animal painting class at Art Tutor. Curious: do I presume correctly that one has to be a full member in order to see the challenges?

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