• Heather Myers posted an update 3 years, 5 months ago

    Tonight I tried two more of the loose and free watercolours. They’re still wet so I’ll upload them later. The last one I did on a 10 x 14 block. I’ve had this block for years and never even took the plastic off it. I’m so much more comfortable with smaller works. But I went for it. I was being called (so to speak) by earthy, deserty tones, so I used those. I tried to keep the centre more open, and I added some other shapes. I’m happy with it so far, but I also have that annoying ‘this looks like a kid did it. All I did was throw paint on paper. I’m supposed to be proud of this?’ feeling. I wrote it down in my journal, just to keep track of it. Trying to do that acknowledging the feeling without really having it, if that makes sense? Like when you meditate and you know you’ve wandered off, you just come back to centre nice and easy and don’t beat yourself up over it. I’m probably babbling now. >.> <.<

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