• I have a Winsor & Newton travel watercolour kit that I bought at least ten years ago. I’m finally starting to run seriously low on ultramarine and I’ll need more. Trouble is, the colour I have isn’t very available any more. I’ve searched based on the number printed on the pan (0301660 (1A) 3917), and there are a couple ways to get another half-pan via the internet, but I’m much more of a brick-and-mortar shopper (looking forward to when I can just pop in the art store again… stupid pandemic). My question is: what W&N tube watercolours are a good substitute for the ultramarine I have come to love? W&N carries a French Ultramarine and an Ultramarine green shade, but I’m not sure if either of those are a proper substitute. Anyone have any advice? I’d like to try the professional watercolours so I’m aiming at replacing my Cotman with the pro line. Thanks in advance!

    • I don’t have the Cotman Ultramarine so I don’t know exactly what colors will work best for you. The number you need to know, if it is listed on the Cotman, is the Pigment Index number. It would start with PB (for Pigment Blue) and be followed by two numbers. Most Ultramarine blues are PB29, but French Ultramarine is redder in color than the standard Ultramarine blue. What I’m not sure of is whether the green shade is greener than most shades. Probably your best bet would be to go to the Winsor & Newton website, and contact their support. Give them the numbers you have listed above and ask them what they have in their Professional line that is closest.

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