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My mid-60s are behind me (how did that happen!?) and I am now in my third year exploring art journaling and gel printing. I uncovered a modicum of talent that I never knew existed. It is so exciting and I love the explorations my new journey is taking me on. About 4 months ago, I was gifted 70 almost-new 15ml tubes of Daniel Smith Watercolours. How lucky can you get! I've been scouring YouTube and websites like Doodlewash to learn more about the paints, how they work etc. There are so many wonderful teachers but after careful consideration, I am using Jane Blundell (in Sydney Australia) as my source to learn about the colour wheel, mixing paint etc. All the things I've never known about. Doodlewash was a wonderful find as Charlie is so gentle and welcoming! The Guest Artists have been encouraging and I scour their posts for information and I often use their paintings as references as I attempt to paint clouds. One day I will post a bit of my art! Courage is in short supply at the moment 🙂