• Jennifer McLean posted an update 2 years, 2 months ago

    @sharonnolfi How is it even POSSIBLE that we hadn’t been friends yet?? I must have assumed we were already friends! Excuse my silly brain! hehehehe.

    • @jennifer-mclean I was unable to load this site for a couple of weeks due to a bug in the doodlewash or wordpress system. It was when people were having problems with the gallery, but my problem was worse. Charlie and I tried many things, but finally he deleted my account and I made a new one. All my friendships got wiped out in the process. Glad to be back.

    • And so glad you’re back, Sharon! So sorry for the troubles… the recent updates have wreaked a lot of havoc on this site, but we’re getting it all sorted out! Thrilled you’re back!! Yay!! 😃💕

      • awww, the stuff we plebs don’t know happen. It must have driven you ’round the bend Charlie. Wanna hug? Glad it’s figured it out, I feel your pain, making it all your own does have it’s drawbacks to go with all the thrills. :o)

        • hehe… so true… actually… is not quite all my own and that turns out to be the very problem. The plugin works perfectly on other managed WordPress hosting. If they can’t come up with a solve for me, I’ll have to really go it alone and move hosts.😉 A true adventure!

        • P.S…. I will take that hug though! 😊

      • Thanks for all your help, Charlie! I really missed this place. Everything working now.

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