• Jenny Marshall posted an update in the group Group logo of Art SuppliesArt Supplies 4 years, 11 months ago

    Finally about to splurge on some good paints, until now I’ve only used what i can access locally (rural Australia) Reeves and windsor Newton cotman, I’m drawn to schminke or daniel smith, any advice on brands would be wonderfull

    • That’s awesome! And you’re drawn to some great ones!! I’m using M. Graham currently and love them. Also, Winsor & Newtown artist paints are wonderful as well. It really just depends on what you like and how you prefer to paint. Vivid, even colors, or paints that granulate more and make awesome textures in big washes (Daniel Smith). Also, I’m hosting a couple giveaways for World Watercolor Month, open to Australia, that include a chance to win some artist quality paints. There’s one for Winsor & Newton here that has a day and half left:
      And another from Cheap Joe’s here:

    • Am using “Sennelier” watercolors now, they are fabulous vivid colors, With an increased honey content, they offer an amazingly smooth consistency and extraordinary luminosity plus the lightfastness

    • Hi, Jenny. If you’re interested in learning more, I profiled Daniel Smith (along with M Graham and W&N) at my blog post here:

      Amazing color range but DS has a crazy love affair with granulation that can take some getting accustomed to. I don’t know what’s available in your country at decent prices… I’m thinking most EU brands will be the most affordable where you are which may knock out M Graham and DS but opens up some wonderful brands that we have to pay dearly for here in the States. Sennelier is very similar to M Graham, so that may be worth looking into.

      You may also want to also see my review of Rembrandt (also at my blog), which is a sponsor this month for WWM. It may be much more affordable where you live. And good luck! Most folks (like me) don’t stick to only one brand but instead choose particular colors of brands that they like. It takes some trial and error, but choosing colors is a fun process!

      • Thank you so much for your wonderfull advice Tonya 😊

        • You are most welcome! I’ve actually just started testing out Schmincke watercolors. Very soft and transparent, rewet easily… not very bold but they paint beautifully. However, they glaze and layer well. I would use these in a heartbeat, but they cost too much $$$ in the States. Did you ever decide on anything?

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