• Joanna Anastasiou joined the group Group logo of Beginners to WatercolourBeginners to Watercolour 3 years, 3 months ago

    • Welcome Joanna! We are so glad you’ve joined us! I hope you will introduce yourself and tell us a little about your watercolour experience? 🙂

      • Yes of course! Excuse me I’m still quite unfamiliar with the site interface- shall I introduce myself here or is there a forum?

        • You may introduce yourself right here if you’d like. 🙂

          • Hello! I’m a self taught hobbyist artist- I’ve just started learning using watercolours which is why I joined doodlewash to get some more experience. I love sketching and drawing but am inexperienced with painting using different materials/

            • Joanna, you sound like many of us who are self-teaching too. With YouTube, Craftsy and direct website courses out there today, it’s so full of educational options to fit our budget and style preferences of learning to paint. We’ve a wide range of experience amongst our members too and those skilled artists are always kind to offer helpful ideas when asked. ❤️ Take a look at our Forums for things of most interest to you. 🙂

            • Hi Joanna, me too, mostly self taught, just acouple of classes. Painting is such aZen thing for me I love to just do it alone! Me and Utube, haha!

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