• Vicki commented on the post, Writing Letters 1 year ago

    Although I have never experienced the joy you describe I likened your explanation to that of my connections with reading a “real” book compared to a digital alternative. However, I do have first hand knowledge of the emotional power of letter writing. The first post I wrote on my was based on a letter written by a nurse to my…[Read more]

  • Memories are indeed fickle. I can remember watching the Queen’s coronation on TV but I have no memory of eating at a table with my parents!

  • I once hung one of my drawings alongside those of the children in my class and no one could guess which was mine! However, I can recognise a happy work of art when I see it so thank you for that. In support of your self and other procrastinators, I wrote a post on that very subject even though the plan was to write about my Great Uncle in WW1.…[Read more]

  • How nice to receive confirmation that remembering the best of our loved ones passed is not only acceptable but are the “truest” essence of those most loved. A timely post for which I am very grateful for.

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