• Ever feel like you’re having a bad art day? Check out this inspirational video from Doodlewash featured guest artist Karen Elaine!

    • Thank you for sharing this Charlie. When I have this kind of experience, I call it arguing with the paint and feel it’s more a reflection of my overall mood than having to do with what is happening on the page. But better to argue with paint (I’m more sure to have the last word!) than with someone else and it does make me aware of how I’m…[Read more]

    • Very inspiring! Thank you for sharing. A reminder to this new watercolor artist that it is “just practice”!

    • Thanks Karen and Charlie for sharing this. I’m finding right now I’m about 50/50 with stuff that turns out OK and total disasters. I appreciate your sharing that not only does that happen to some of you much more seasoned with watercolor, but also for the reminder it should be more about the process than the outcome. Honestly, I’m not there yet,…[Read more]

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    I’m hoping someone here has experience with how to capture watercolor paintings into digital files for sharing online. Have tried my phone (a disaster), scanners in the office (too small and limited file format options) and a larger format scanner at the library (resolution is relatively low). How do you all capture imagines done on paper as…[Read more]