• Karen Foo posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago

    My right arm was squished 3 days ago by the moving gate. Wondering why there wasn’t a sensor then but I was almost squished. It was a dangerous accident and I counted myself lucky that my right arm wasn’t broken into three parts from the way it narrowed in instead of widening. It is suffering from strained muscles and I can’t move in certain directions. Though they are no cuts and bruises, I have a slight swelling at the joints. I am advised to rest the right hand for the time being. So I am doing very light tasks for now.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your accident but glad it wasn’t worse!

      • I was very glad it didnt get worse then rolling into me. But I have to be extra careful about safety now. That was no funny matter. If I was a little unluckier or if I was old and frail, my arm could have been broken by that force. I went to use my right arm to try stop the gate. Stupid move but it was a natural reaction.

    • I am so sorry to hear this. I hope you heal quickly, Karen!

      • Thanks! I hope so too. Apart from nutrition and rest, i am applying anti inflammatory cream on the sore joints and muscles.

    • Oh my goodness, feel better soon

      • It gave me a shock. The reasons they gave me for the rolling in gate were acceptable either. But for now I am just focused on getting my arm well.

    • So sorry to hear that…good that it was not worse.

      • Hi all, many thanks for the concern. Feel much better than the first day when I can’t even tie my hair and a slight bend hurt so much. The swollen part of the arm has gone down by half but there is still pain in the arm. I am doing almost everything with my left hand. I will try to see if I can paint with the Watercolours as watercolour painting doesn’t use much energy. Pencils are out for the time being.

      • See how these few days go. I hope I heal I could heal fast. I thank the Lord for saving my arms. It could be a lot worse. In fact they and I were surprised there were no bruises or cuts or broken bones. I am just glad there were no broken bones. But the strain muscles were painful. It has subsided by lot these few days. Hope it goes off sooner. I have a lot to do…

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