• Karen Mason posted artwork in the group Beginners to Watercolour 2 years, 3 months ago

    First gouache. Not too happy with it. Critiques please! B3E6DB1C-78E1-42DA-9DB7-C3E85AD611D1

    Karen Mason posted an update in the group Beginners to Watercolour
    First gouache. Not too happy with it. Critiques please! B3E6DB1C-78E1-42DA-9DB7-C3E85AD611D1
    First gouache. Not too happy with it. Critiques please! B3E6DB1C-78E1-42DA-9DB7-C3E85AD611D1
    • Karen, I like it very much! What makes you unhappy about it?
      It looks like the flowers are moving gently in the wind. You’ve got good petal definition and the stamens are fabulous! I like the grassy texture underneath too.

      • Thanks Yvonne! Makes me feel better about it. I’ve been following some tutorials and those come out better to my eye. When I make all the decisions about a piece I’m not very confident. It just looks beginnerish to me. But then I am a beginner….

        • Karen, I think we have to be kind to ourselves when following experienced artists’ tutorials. There are so many variables at play there.

          One big instance is that their still shot cameras, video cameras, our video display devices, our own eyes, etc., all change that colour palette up immensely and you will often hear an artist say that the colours on screen are very different from real life. What we see them mixing is often not quite exactly what we see on our palette mixes. There too, one tiny toothpick dab of extra pigment in a mix can push it out of the range we intended but yet we aren’t seeing that colour difference on screen. These issues alone can be bothersome to our beginner stages.

          I’ve been writing who’s project the piece was from so I can go back later and try things again when I’ve gained more experience. **fingers crossed for improvement!** 😃

          • Thanks For the encouraging words Sandra. What I meant was that I can follow tutorials fairly well if they aren’t too complex or advanced. And they come out reasonably well. When I’m working without that guidance I get lost in all the decisions… which brush, what kind of brushstrokes, color choices, where to put shadows, what to leave in or take out. So much to know! I will keep working though. And I appreciate the generosity of more experienced artists.

            • Experience brings answers to many of our questions, but the learning curve is definitely painful, isn’t it?

              Trial and error, giving myself permission to fail, is the best way to enjoy the adventure I’ve found, but I still struggle badly. I’ve just signed up for Lindsay Weirich’s (the Frugal Crafter) Introductory Watercolour course. I know much of what she no doubt will cover, but her method of teaching with the Drawing course has unlocked that foundation for me so nicely that I believe the WC course will push me further along that road too. **fingers crossed** 😊

    • I enjoy following Lindsay’s tutorials also. My most successful was the cherries. I am thinking about one of her courses but have some technical issues to work out first. (My best place to play with my art supplies is in an outbuilding where I can’t get internet.)

    • I think this turned out lovely! Those colors are beautiful and I really enjoy the composition!

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