• 8.25.19 Lighthouse 8.25.19 Lighthouse img732

    8.25.19 Lighthouse 8.25.19 Lighthouse img732
  • Today, for our prompt of “Desert,” I decided to make a sketch of a blooming cactus. I don’t live in a desert climate, so this isn’t a view I normally see, but when I’m traveling to the desert, it’s one of my

    • How to come out of your head. Come up with an answer for that, Charlie, and you likely will win a huge windfall. I would love to know how to pay attention. So far in the past week I blew myself off my feet by trying to lift them both at the same time. Or something. And then I splashed hot oil onto myself. I was in my head and not paying attention. But I did manage to get a sketch done today and never broke anything. Love your articles, Charlie. Carry on!

    • Charles, I love your cactus in bloom. My sister lived in New Mexico for a while. I never visited but she would sent pictures when the desert was in bloom. I took a bus trip from Las Vegas and saw a bit of the desert but would never want to live in the heat. I’ll stick to New England. Sometimes traveling to another place makes you realize how nice home is.

    • This is beautiful!

    • Wonderful sketch! I love cacti and there are many in my neighborhood.

    • I painted a blue line today. I was looking at some minimalist paintings and it must have rubbed off on me. Lol My cleaning and yard girls were here today. We got a lot of weeds pulled and hubs did some mowing, so it feels like I will have time to paint more than a line tomorrow except I promised to make some Thai curry and that always takes time to cut stuff up. I like your cactus. People eat those fruit. Prickly pear I think they are called. I had some at a Mexican restaurant once. I don’t remember it well, so I guess I wasn’t too impressed! 😂

    • Beautiful cacti. I love to really look at plants and visually disect them. They are always made up of many interesting pieces. As far as sketching in crowds, it doesn’t bother me. My favorite place to sketch is Disneyland and there’s always a crowd. I can blur out all the commotion for some reason. I figure people are so busy doing their own thing, they don’t notice me. Occasionally we have someone come over and ask what we are doing. We love it when a child comes over, in hopes we have sparked something in them. 😉

    • Gorgeous cacti! Cactus growing in a real desert. Hmmm…something else to add to the travel list!

  • Mary Roff posted artwork 1 day, 8 hours ago

    8/24/19 Desert 8.24.19 Desert img451

    8/24/19 Desert 8.24.19 Desert img451
  • For our prompt of “Pets” today, I opted for a chihuahua in a travel bag. Our own dog Phineas is basenji and small, but a bit too big to fit into a carry on bag, so he’s never been on a trip with us. While I was

    • Great pet sketch Charlie. I’m afraid that I am not a big fan of chihuahuas. The place where I got my hair cut, when my mom didn’t cut it, had a chihuahua that was mean. I was afraid of it. I had a boxer so I loved dogs but that one tried to bite our ankles. Don’t give up on taking that vacation.

    • You’ve captured the perfect look on the dog’s face: What the Heck?? Karen hits the nail on the head about chihuahuas, they can be very dominant. Just watch a few episodes of the Dog Whisperer for examples of dealing with problem tiny dogs. Our friend has trained hers from a tiny puppy to be happy and friendly to all, and he gets along with our two shih tzus. (Consider a shih tzu in the future; they can be found in the shelters or adoption rescue groups. We adopted ours from friends and relatives!)
      And it is amazing how our canine pals resolve our anxiety-they have been with humans for so long that they are almost a part of us. And, Charlie, I really love all your dog portraits; they show the love our dogs have for us.

      • Thanks, Bob! 😃💕Yeah, our experience comes from our niece who happens to be a professional dog trainer. So there’s a theme here when it comes to chihuahuas it seems. 😉 And what a lovely compliment. I love dogs so much! I’m happy to know that love shows up in my sketches!

    • Love that doggie in the bag! My daughter and son-in-law have always believed their little dog needs socialization with other dogs, but then, they treated Red like a human child until their daughter arrived. Once I picked him up at a doggy hotel, and the concierge said, “Oh yes, we have your name down as Red’s Grandma.” No comment.

    • That looks like a barky little dog! 😂 They really are though, aren’t they? Give me a bigger one. We had big dogs as I was growing up. Mainly outside dogs. Hounds for hunting, a German shepherd because my mom wanted one. I never became very attached to any dog. I suppose that was because they didn’t stay in the house. Years ago I was house and dog sitting for a friend of mine. They told me that on the first night the dog would sleep on their bed, but as the week went by she would get more comfortable with me and sleep in the guest room too. So the second night she came in and slept on the floor, and every night after that, she was right there in the bed with me. Dogs!!

      • haha! True… I didn’t consider the bark. as I mentioned in a previous reply my niece trains dogs so the chihuahua I have in mind is insanely well-behaved! 😃💕 lol And our current dog is barkless by breed, so yeah, tiny dogs might not be an option. And I love your story… see… that dog wanted to be even closer to you by the end! Adore that!

    • Hope Phineas isn’t too jealous because this is one sweet looking chihuahua! It’s too bad you’re allergic to cats…they are much easier to travel with…most of the time :-).

      • Thanks, Mary! 😃💕 Hehe… Phineas just assumes he’s the only real dog on the planet so I’m not sure jealously is something he can muster. lol And yeah, I know, right? Cats are way easier in those aspects, but yep, still allergic.

    • That’s a different kind of ‘doggy bag’ and pink is so his colour, though I’m not sure he agrees! Cute! There was a childhood phase when I quite wanted a chihuahua, but now I tend to prefer large dogs. I can totally see the joy in taking them on holiday, though. My sister did that with her two dachshunds recently, and they had a blast!

      • Thanks, Jacob! 😃💕 hehe… awwww…. two dachshunds on a trip sounds so cute and lovely! But yeah, Philippe I think really does was a large dog at some point. Hopefully when we’re retired and living on some land instead of living in the city! hehe

    • Oh my gosh! This dog truly does not want to be in this bag. She’s probably thinking, “I have 4 legs. I am capable of walking. I want to smell that fire hydrant. Let me out!” She is darling and her pink bag with chevrons goes well with her. What I want to know, is how are airlines going to handle service minature horses on flights? Will they get their own row? Do the owners have to pay for 3 seats? Do they have to make sure they do their duty before they board? What happens when they do to potty on the plane? Air freshener? Just wondering, in case I get that baby goat! Bahawaha!

      • Thanks, Lori! 😃💕 Glad you liked this little pup!! Yeah, I tend to give my animals a bit of attitude in my sketches… hehe. And YES! What about those service miniature horses? lol But ohhhh… baby goats are just the cutest! Get one!!

    • Such a cute little one. And of-course so is your beloved Phineas. How cool to go to Dog camp. I never heard of that but super cool. lol 🙂

      • Thanks so much, Lisa! 😃💕 Yeah, I’ve sketched Phineas quite a few times now so I end up with a proxy pet for this prompt often. hehe Yeah, they call it a resort, but we call it camp… I mean, anytime you’re forced to bunk with a bunch of other kids, it’s not really a resort in the end. 😉

    • Made me think of our Roxy. she’s jack russel too and is 12 years old. I hope she lives 8 more years. I love her so much.

  • 8/23/19 Pets Sadie was definitely our adventurer. While she was still a young cat we drove back to NYS and then I flew back to FL with her in a pet carrier. It was back in the 90’s so they allowed her to come on the plane in her carrier but the carrier did have to go through the security so, to my horror, they opened the bag and held her by the…[Read more]

    8/23/19 Pets Sadie was definitely our adventurer. While she was still a young cat we drove back to N
  • Hello! My name is Emaan Imtiaz. I’m 19 years old and live in a small town in Pakistan. I am also currently studying biotechnology and want to pursue a career in teaching. I remember being quite terrible at both

    • Emaan Imtiaz Your work is wonderful. I always said I can’t draw til a seasoned artist and crafter encouraged me. Even I like my work now! Just keep doing it, you are already way ahead of me! Your mom is right.

    • Your work is wonderful! Art is a journey and you are well on the way; there’s nothing lacking in your work at all, it’s beautiful!!

    • I love your style, and that the paintings don’t appear heavy. There is lightness about them. I love everything I see here, and that is not always the case.

    • Thank you for sharing your story, Emaan! First of all, your paintings are lovely. And you are absolutely right about the joy AND stress we can experience in our watercolor journeys. Especially when we are trying to learn a new technique or aspect, right? Keep at the painting — as much as you can in between studies — and keep sharing your beautiful work.

    • Emaan – you are deserving. Keep believing in yourself.

    • Emaan your work is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your story!

    • Awesome work! Hope to see more!

    • I think your work is pretty amazing and you are only 19. I like your style all ready. Nice and light and clean. I a sure you may discover new styles with more practice and daring to try new things even though they won’t turn out perfect. Its learning what you can make work and what doesn’t. Practice practice practice will make it happen. You are off to a great start. I think your mother may have recognized this talent in you when you didn’t. Mothers are like that. You are lucky.

    • Thank you maham 😍😍😘😘😘

    • Thanks so much for the advice and love! 💜💜💜

    • Lovely, soft colors, and nice lines! Keep up the good work. Mastery only comes with practice.

    • Your work is amazing! You are very talented and too hard on yourself. Your heart is obviously in the right place. I love the style you are doing. I like traditional watercolor paintings, however I get real joy in the style you create. Continue with your passion, it is what makes us happiest. Thank you for sharing your story.

    • Your work is wonderful…keep up the good work!

    • Your paintings are great and just think of all the time you have to improve yourself. In three or five years you will be way beyond where you can imagine yourself now! – If you don’t let a carreer interfere, then it might take up to ten years. Anyway: keep painting!

    • Thankyou 😍😍

    • Thank you! 😍😘

    • Thank you Julie I try my best! 😁😁😊😉😘

  • For our prompt of “Trains” today, I opted for one of a vintage variety. I’ve no deep knowledge of trains and how they function, but did have many toy trains as a kid. This is likely why every time I sketch a

    • YOU did GOOOOOD Charlie! Love this!!!! 🙂

    • I do try to comment on everything, both here and in a few other places. It does take a lot of time, so most of the time they are one-word replies, but I try to make it more of a conversation with a few of the comments each day.

      • Yeah, it’s so tough to comment on everything. I try to pop in whenever I can! But, I figure if we’re all out there commenting… it will be enough to go around! 😉 💕

    • Hey Charlie, great train and I love that you encourage us to tell the stories about our art and share them with one another. This has become an important part of my day. Thanks for all that you DO!

    • Ohhhhhhhhhhhh sweeeeeeeeet!! I love trains and yours is fabuloussss. When I was a kiddo they used to come through our lil town and I would hear them at night and it just made me feel so good inside. Not sure why but just that it does is what matters 🙂 I get what your saying. It is good to be supported for what we do in the world we all need this 🙂 To be accepted for who we are:) I am happy you decided to do sketchbook revival as this is how I got here and I love the community that is growing and likewise how others tell their stories too. Writing was always my first love. thanks for creating this most excellent place for us to hang out. I am taking my art in new directions for the benefit of my writing. My time is coming for those books. This community encourages that. so thanks for that too. 🙂 <3

      • You had trains too! And then we moved to a metro of Vancouver, BC and we got to hear the foghorns across dark water. Oh creepy. Oh beautiful.

      • Aww yay!! I’m so thrilled to hear that, Lisa! 😃💕I really wanted to create a place that was about stories. To me, that’s the heart of any kind of art. And, yeah, I’m not big into getting mired down in technique… hehe… as you SAW! lol It was fun to do my first, and still only, video. I haven’t made another yet, because I need to figure out my own kind of show. But I will one day. 😉

    • You’ve managed to take show and tell to the next level! All the likes and comments mean a lot to me. I thought I didn’t need any of this stuff when I retired, but I was wrong. I like the feedback and just knowing my paints and poems have an audience makes me happy!

      • Thanks so much, Lisa! 😃💕Yeah, it’s true, likes and comments really DO matter as they keep us motivated. I find myself commenting most on posts that have no comments at all. I figure if I can be that one voice that showed up, I can make a big difference in an artist’s life. I know it made a big difference in mine.

    • Charlie you worry way too much. I love your stories and your art is perfect, I can’t and don’t want to do left-brain stuff as it gets in the way of my right-brain creativity. I finally had to stop sketching it first because that means left brain rigid. Now I just get out the brush and do what I want. When I am not too busy procrastinating. Like now.

      • Thinks, Linda! 😃💕 Lol! I never actually worry, but I love to ponder things! My mind enjoys exploring ideas, but yeah… when it gets too technical, my mind shuts off! hehe And I’m a master at procrastination! I would definitely become a teacher if that were a course! 😉

    • I honestly don’t know how you manage to DO all that you already DO! Relax and enjoy.

      • Thanks so much, Sharon! 😃💕 I’m enjoying every moment, but do miss being able to comment on others works as much. So I figured I’d enlist some help! 😉

    • Wonderful train, Charlie. I grew up hearing trains going through town and love the sound and it was something I missed for the 20 years we lived out in the country. Where we live now I can hear the trains as they head to the Tropicana plant across the river. Still love waking up to the sound of them making their way across town. I think it’s the connection to my childhood that I love most about that sound.

      • Thanks so much, Mary! 😃💕That’s lovely! Yeah, sounds that connect us to our childhood are the best sounds ever. We live near Union Station here so there’s often a sound of the train in the distance. I love it!

    • Love your train !

      Charlie I am doing things in and outside your book.
      And I remember you had once a log about how you made that circles (and not strokes) in the color wheel.
      I cannot find it back ! *cries* do you remember from what date that blog was?

      It is about the technic you used to make your circles and why in that way.

      Please help….

      and I love your book, I do it step for step for step, because also busy with other things.

    • It’s a wonderful train! All those details! Oh my! Some day, maybe, you could share with us one of your doodles before you add color. Then the after. I am always amazed, in ahhh of the little doodles you use to complete your painting.

      • Thanks so much, Lori! 😃💕Actually, I move so fast that I never captured the initial sketches until I made my first Activity Book. Now, I do try to grab many of them before I paint in a folder I call Coloring Book! hehe They’re for my next books, but I’ve thought about including them in these posts as well one day. In truth, even one extra step makes it dicey as to whether I’ll be able to make a post happen. 😊

        • I understand the extra step thing….notice you haven’t seen any of my sketches this month? tee hee. I wouldn’t want to see them every day, just once in a blue moon , or red or black moon. Just a little reminder to ease up on details, which I seem to go overboard on. It’s your blog and you can do whatever you want and I’ll continue to be here. 😉

          • Aww thanks! hehe… but you gave me a good idea. True… I do put in a lot of “details” but they’re quickly faked, so maybe I’ll try a post next month where I show examples of that! 😉

    • Thanks, Linda! 😃💕 Wow! What a nice compliment! Sometimes it’s tough to tell if you’re improving when you look at your own work. But yeah, I think I’m getting a bit better day by day, I hope!

    • Oh wow! Thanks so much, Gail!! 😃💕I’m so thrilled you found my blog, and of course, extra thrilled you’re enjoying it! YAY!! Next post is coming right up! 😉

  • 8/22/19 Trains Actually the view from a train window on my one and only visit to France and the only time I’ve been on a train. The train made an emergency stop somewhere between Lyon and Paris and we were surrounded by fields that were a sea of yellow. Mustard plants, I think. 8.22.19Trains img509

    8/22/19 Trains Actually the view from a train window on my one and only visit to France and the only
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