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    @jill Jill, I see we live relatively close and are painting similar spots. You should take a day at Naumkeag in Stockbridge. It is so beautiful there and they have a Plein art session on Thursdays.

    • Hi Kim! Yes, we are in the same area! I’m actually from Pittsfield originally, and still work on West Housatonic Street. We should get together sometime and paint, or even just chat paint, if you wanted. (no pressure, lol) I’ve actually haven’t yet brought my paints to Naumkeag (I’ve been a bit shy in the past on how public my plein air outings were), but that’s a great idea! I’ve gone there multiple times, but when I was big into taking photographs, so I have a bunch of (probably generic) scenes from there, that I’ve since painted in my studio, but plein air would probably be ever better! Plus, if one schedules the outing with a library pass, it makes the whole thing free and that much sweeter! 😉

      • I would love to have someone to share painting with; my family things everything is “fabulous” so I don’t really feel like I have the critique that I need to grown. I’ve not ever done plein air because I also tend to hide everything away except on sites like these where I hope to connect with like minded people. I’d love to paint together, however, I teach school and with school beginning, the timing is bad for me. I’d love to keep in touch and perhaps we can plan something for next summer. I probably won’t do much painting until I am out for the summer again. I wish I had connected with you sooner.

        • Of course, no worries! I have Reynauds (circulation disorder) so I don’t do much plein air myself once the temps go below 65 or so. I’ll save the Doodlewash emails from our convo in a separate folder so I can find them next spring. I know the family agreement situation myself, my parents and husband say everything “looks good!” lol. I tend to use the artist friends I’ve made on Instagram to gauge how my art is progressing.

          • Sorry, just saw this. The beginning of school is very crazy busy. I haven’t picked up a brush in well over a week. Sad but the way it is. I hope I can establish a group of artist friends that will be my support and gauge as well. Right now, it’s really hard to truly know how I am progressing. I entered a piece in a exhibit for the National Arts Association and it was turned down. I’m not really surprised as there were 600 submissions for 50 pieces in the show. But it left me wishing they had critiqued our work so I’d know how I was doing. Oh well, lets do try to pick it up in the Spring or by June!!! Feel good this winter.

          • Hey Jill!!! Did I see you are an artist participating in the 10X10 in February? I’m thinking about sending a piece. The one I posted, sideways, of the flower cart. Can you give me some feedback?? Merry Christmas!!!

            • Hi Kim! Yes! I’ve donated 2 pieces each year to the 10 x 10 event the last 2 years. I just saw the event page started up on Facebook, so I’ll be planning to do 2 more this coming year. You don’t have to do 2, but the pieces are easy enough, anything that when framed is 10 inches by 10 inches, or close enough. I’ve been able to order 10 x10 frames the past two years, but they can be a pain to find sometimes, so I may just do an 8×10 for convenience sake. You submit online and drop off on the dates they have in the details. You don’t have to go to the event, but it’s an interesting experience. I usually go with friends and like to see who picks my work. It IS chaotic though, very loud and hot. Since it’s in that central museum gallery, it wasn’t made for parties and lots of talking, everything is magnified by the space and I usually leave with my ears ringing. Never-mind that the BAA always has a hard time being heard calling names for the tickets, lol. It’s a fun experience though and the money raised goes to a good cause. I always say that if there are tickets left when I get to the event (event is free, tickets just get you a piece of art), then I’ll get one, just so the event raises the max $$. They’re always sold out though by the event start time though, which is great! (Plus, I can make my own art, haha.) Are you interested in participating?

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