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Lisa Goss

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April 9

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Hi! I’m Lisa Goss, the face behind Flory Avenue Designs. I am, in no particular order: —>A Wife: I was married once before and then widowed. After that Tom came along, and now we are completely and blissfully smitten with one another. I think we make quite a team, and I’m pretty sure he would agree.—>A Mother: God gifted me with two beautiful children, a girl and a boy, fifteen months apart from each other. They inspire me, challenge me, drive me crazy, and melt my heart, several dozen times each day.—>An Artist: It’s taken a few years, but I finally have embraced this title. I like to be creative, mostly through drawing and painting. But I try not to limit myself to just these two artistic endeavors.—>A Musician: I thought I was going to be an oboist in some major symphony orchestra, but God had other plans. Now I play piano/keyboard and use it to worship.—>A DIY Junkie: If I think I can make it myself, I will probably attempt to do so.—>A Little ADD When It Comes To Art: At any given moment, I probably have half a dozen project ideas running around my head, and I get distracted by new projects easily.

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