• Thanksgiving really snuck up on me this year with it being so early in the month. Tomorrow Joe will shop while I’m at the doctor. We have company for a long weekend so I have to menu plan for four days. The best part is after eating, I say, Well, I cooked, so you guys clean up. And they do.

    As to tomatoes, the ones in my garden, or anyone’s…[Read more]

  • And I raise you a sideways kitten hop!😁

    I have been thinking about when I was a kid and we moved to the farmette in the middle of a swamp where I did the majority of my growing up. There was this boggy scraggly field in front of the house over a rusty barbed wire fence. The first winter we were there my brother, sister, and I took shovels…[Read more]

  • Perfect! I have decided that no one ever loved me, or visited me because of my neat, or not so neat house. I am not my kitchen counter. Or my art table.

  • Aren’t you sweet! A kiss on the top of the head to you.

  • Lisa commented on the post, Once Upon A Time 3 days, 22 hours ago

    I don’t know what it says about me that my favorites are the Despicable Me movies. Maybe it’s just the desire for Minions. My favorite non-animated movie is Jaws. So we have fish in common. If course mine would eat yours. Lol! 😂

  • I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but I used to work as a DJ at a station in Sturgeon Bay, WI. We ran all of our music from giant tape decks and commercials from prerecorded cassettes. When I was in Rhinelander, WI I volunteered at a public radio station and there I played albums of all things. If I had the magic powers to take someone back…[Read more]

  • The weirdest thing happened to me in the way to becoming a grown-up. I have discovered weeding. No, not weed! 😁 Weeding! As in pulling weeds from the garden. In the same way that lava lamps are mesmerizing and relaxing, so to me is weeding. I think because you really don’t have to think about it. It just happens in front of your eyes and your…[Read more]

  • 👍 I have been lucky enough to have some very wonderful young people in my life. Nieces, nephews, children of friends etc. They talk to me and seek me out when things happen in their lives. On more than one occasion I have heard said tales of love gone awry, or jobs lost, or any of those teen problems that we all lived through. I listen to them…[Read more]

  • Lisa commented on the post, Learning To Fly 1 week ago

    It has been proven that you can make yourself happier by looking at things differently. I suppose it’s the glass half full way of moving through the world. I’m a very strong proponent of this way of thinking. I was sitting at lunch with a handful of women a number of years ago. I didn’t know any of them well. The conversation turned to the worst…[Read more]

  • My nephew and his eight month old baby girl will be visiting us tomorrow. It will be the first time we have met Norah. I’m guessing she’ll cry because we are strangers. Then she’ll get used to us and charm everyone with her giggles and baby jabber. I love that innocence turned to trust, and the barreling forward in the world.

  • Ah yes, the dreaded bifocals. I’ve had them for quite a while. Shrug!

    I am such an optimist that a friend in college avoided me when he was having a bad day because I was too cheerful. Ha! To that I say don’t worry, be happy. When I wrote don’t worry, be … The computer popped up be careful. That just pleases me so much.

    Speaking of half…[Read more]

  • The few times I’ve tried glass I’ve really mucked it up. I should give it more practice. And maybe Philippe should be served some green Kool-Aid. That will give him a shudder. Lol!

  • My awkward stage lasted entirely too long. But since it lead here, I can’t complain. And your beagle pup is adorable. I grew up in a very doggy family. Beagles were a part of my youth. And I remember those puppies with their sweet milk breath very fondly.

  • Speaking of peacocks, a number of years ago, on a co l d, rainy autumn day, I happened to look out the front door and saw a peacock running across our yarx. Quite bedraggled and sorry looking he was, and fast. I guess I never would have suspected that peafowl were so speedy. Anyway, there was nothing I could do to help him,and I had no idea where…[Read more]

  • I paint. Not every day, but often enough that I have stacks of pictures all over. So I started giving them away. My first goal was to send one to anyone who was fighting cancer, or other disease. Then I just started mailing them to anyone who really liked them. I might not think they’re that good, but other people see past my perfectionism and…[Read more]

  • Lisa commented on the post, Painting Art Supplies 2 weeks ago

    I finished doing something today that I’ve put off for ages. I went through all my paints and wrote down all the names and manufacturers. Now, hopefully I won’t buy any doubles! I was amazed by how many there are. I’m not going to embarrass myself by telling, but I won’t have to buy paint for a long long time! 😂😂 Or paper, or brushes!! I may…[Read more]

  • Lisa commented on the post, A Little Treat 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    I had two trick or treating kids come down the hill today. Luckily Joe and I had bought some candy and it was the good stuff.

  • Lisa commented on the post, A Dog In A Dress 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    Ha! Cute dog costume. I’m pretty sure that he’s a boy dog. Just has a certain look to him. We only have cats here. You just don’t dress cats up. Ever! 😁 They find it humiliating, and the human trying to dress a cat will find it painful.

  • Lisa commented on the post, A Little Bat 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    Hey Batman! Nice work. The house I grew up in had a lot of bats in the attic. I slept in the top bunk under one of those slanted ceilings. I could hear them scrabbling around and squeaking up there. I always thought it was kind of creepy, and kind of interesting. These days, in the summer in the gloaming I love watching bats swoop against the…[Read more]

  • October has our anniversary and Halloween, November has Thanksgiving, December my birthday, Xmas, and New year’s eve. That’s a lot of occasions for three months to hold! My favorite is Thanksgiving. I love the food, the call to gratitude, and the generally good travel weather. I make a pumpkin pie for the holiday because even though I’m not fond…[Read more]

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