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    I am known for being smiley. When I was working, people would comment if they came to the reference desk and I wasn’t smiling at them. It was funny to me when it became a deal in the Me Too movement that women were insulted when men commented on them not smiling. I was just so used to it, it didn’t seem weird to me. I think my age was showing.

  • Adorable! Great mice! This slowing down has had its upside for a lot of folks I think. It’s been a true misery for those who lost jobs and don’t have the resources to ride it out, and I feel very bad for them, but for others, it seems like they needed this reset.

  • You’ll be pleased to know that you’re in good company. I no longer decorate for anything. Even Xmas gets short shrift. Though I do have a manger scene made of bears. I tried to find it last year and couldn’t remember what safe place I hid it away. I also have a stuffed Max dog from the Grinch! In reality, when you consider yourself 99.9%…[Read more]

  • Saw some snow thus morning!!!! I’m not thrilled! I need two days of Indian summer yet!

    I made sweet and sour red cabbage for dinner, and it smells so good that I’m off to have dinner.

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    Our microwave, dishwasher, and lawnmower all died fairly recently! And these days its hard to get appliances in a timely manner. Damn Covid! Plus I hate the dishwasher we bought online, and the microwave is annoying too. Joe likes the mower though.

    I personally believe in other lifeforms. A certain politician is proof of that! 😂😂 But really,…[Read more]

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    We had Friday fish tonight. Delivery is a wonderful thing. I’m working on a negative painting I’m deep into and didn’t feel like cooking. Tomorrow I’m going to get Joe to light the grill for the last time this season and cook pork chops on it. My yard girl is coming tomorrow so I’m going to get her to plant the garlic I just got in the mail.…[Read more]

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    Read to your French niece! Tape it online so she can watch it when she wants. I don’t remember being read to. In fact I’m sure I wasn’t. I got to do story time at my library jobs, so that was fun! A former first grade teacher told me this story. One day she was sitting at her desk when a little boy came running up with a book and yelled to her,…[Read more]

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    A couple of years ago I had a teenage boy working for me. He raked my front yard leaves into a big pile, and then jumped right into them. Then had to rake them again! But it was totally worth it!

  • The year I was 10 years old, we moved from a house in the country where we still had neighbors, to a house in the country where we didn’t have any. The night before we moved was my last trick or treat Halloween ever. I don’t remember ever dressing up after that except once in college when I was on a semester in Great Britain. I went as a statue…[Read more]

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    Happy belated birthday, Philippe! I’m never good at remembering birthdays and anniversaries. Our anniversary is this month, but I’m not sure of the date. Lol. Joe will hopefully remind me. I just asked and he said it’s the 15th, so I had better get him a gift! Over night deliveries are my friend!

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    What a cute splashy beagle! The closest we come to getting a dog shower,which is what you call it when you stand too close to a wet dog, is when a cat sneezes on us! Our cat Kirbie got sick a month ago and had to go to the vet. She had a respiratory infection and was sneezing all the time. She’s better now!

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    A few years ago I opened the glove box in our van and the was a mouse nest in UT!!! All chewed up paper and some leaves. No mouse though, thank goodness! I’m not afraid of mice, but they can startle you. My helper girl was here today and she was doing some yard work and ran across a little toad buried in the garden. Startled her for a moment too.

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    I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out how to get four marshmallows into my cocoa cup.

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    Did you know that Isadora Duncan, the dancer, died because her long scarf got caught in the wheel of the car she was in and strangled her? Just so you’re not tempted to name your squirrel Isadora!

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    I don’t watch much horror either. Especially not the blood and gore kind. Hitchcock is about as hardcore as I want to get. And those Saw movies leave me cold. Its kind of weird that I read lots of serial killer books. Its just different on the page than the screen I guess. Some of it probably goes back to my Nancy Drew days. I re-read a Nancy…[Read more]

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    It was a breezy day here too, but pretty warm and sunny. Tomorrow my helper girl is coming so we/she will be picking up the garden debris. When the leaves come down we pile them on the beds for winter protection and they really break down nice for winter fertilizer. I will get some garlic bulbs in the mail which need to be planted in October, but…[Read more]

  • Its just beginning here. A branch with colored leaves on a tree that’s still green, sumac all red and orange. Autumn was always my favorite too, but since winter really shuts me down, I’ve changed my allegiance to spring. Still, you can’t beat the colors this time of year. And I made my first pot of chilli yesterday. Yum! Today I made two apple…[Read more]

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    My first thought upon seeing today’s doodle was Bedknobs and Broomsticks. I loved that book when I was a kid and the copy I had had a cover with a flying bed on it with three kids on the bed. This could be their pup!

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    Jaws is always my vote for scary movie!

    I always wanted to get some tiny jars a put some sand, a tiny stone, a tiny piece of driftwood, and a tiny gull feather in it. The tag says, instant beach, just add water. My friend brought me back a tiny spell jar from Salem, Mass. That was cute. I’m not sure if I ever saw Witches. I’m going to have to…[Read more]

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    I have one of those desks too. It belonged to the mother of my best friend. I don’t write very well either. One of those lost arts I suppose. We were all up in arms when we heard that they were no longer going to teach cursive in school, but since we don’t use it much ourselves, I suppose it’s a logical thing to go away. I still write cursive,…[Read more]

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