• When we first moved to the farmette I grew up on, the idea was to raise 40lb feeder pigs for market. Dad bought red Duroc hogs and we started having baby pigs being born. Unfortunately the market for pigs went away. So we weren’t in that business for long. But the piglets sure we’re cute. A squeally. I never wanted to hold one because they were so loud.

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    Key lime pie is a favorite of mine too. I love graham cracker crust. And whipped cream.

    I made oatmeal cookies today. A double batch so I could share with neighbors who came outside for the exchange. Life is so weird.

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    Please please please, show him Jaws! It’s my all time favorite movie. Man verses nature, one of the big seven conflicts that every movie, every story follows. I was an English major in college and I knew my 7 types of conflict cold! These days I only remember three or four, then have to look up the rest. Lol!

    It’s still pretty cold here. No…[Read more]

  • You really nailed that chick! If Joe would have only let me have chickens, we’d have fresh eggs for the coming apocalypse. And chicken as far as that goes presuming I could kill and eat them after they became my pets.

    Didn’t do a darn thing today but cook breakfast for dinner. Eggs, hash browns, and little sausages. If I’d been more…[Read more]

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    I love snails. We don’t have many here because our soil is very sandy. We are fairly close to the Sugar River, but not that close, so once upon a time, this must have been land covered by a much wider river.

    Joe went to the store today because if you cook every day, you need ingredients. He brought me back a bag of fun sized Butterfingers.…[Read more]

  • That was a fun class today! You seemed way less nervous than last year. And the cupcake was very cute.

    I loved Disney so much as a kid. First we’d watch Animal Kingdom, then Disney would come on. The one I remember best was about the cat named Thomasina. It was so good. I’m rather amazed I have never named a cat Thomasina.

  • Kind of makes me want a pina colada. Or this looks like a tequila sunrise. I used to love those in my drinking days. I guess in those days the only thing I didn’t like was whisky and rye. Here in Wisconsin the Old Fashioned was king. I had mine with Southern Comfort, sweet, no sugar. Drink names have really stuck with me over the years. Makes me…[Read more]

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    Makes me glad I but 25# bags of rice. I made a potato and cauliflower curry with basmati rice yesterday with leftovers today. It was excellent and there is leftover rice to serve tomorrow with whatever veg I decide to chop up and stir fry. Hubs was going to stop at the store today for a few things, but he said it was too crowded to bother. And…[Read more]

  • I stumbled across a thing called eco printing yesterday. I kind of remember reading about it a few years ago, but it slipped my mind. Anyway. You stack up watercolor paper with leaves and grasses and flowers between them, then tie the while thing together and boil it for an hour and a half. When you take it apart, the paper has lovely prints on…[Read more]

  • Here’s a thought. Take the time you normally spend traveling to and from work and add that onto your art time and viola.

    I love your robin. A couple of years ago I was going down the trail by my house when I spied a robin’s nest in a honeysuckle bush at just eye level. I crept up to it and there was the robin hunkered down so all I could see…[Read more]

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    I received a package of Blue Lake Bush Bean seeds in the mail today. That gives me hope! I also painted some ugly flowers on the back side of a failed landscape. Lol At least the leaves turned out well.

  • Since we had corned beef and cabbage last week with our neighbors, I made some pasta with meatballs for dinner. It was good enough that Joe sopped up the last of the sauce with some bread. I had to send him out today to get the last things I need to be able to cook for a couple of weeks without leaving home. The only thing he couldn’t get was…[Read more]

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    Please pass the potato salad.

    I’m ready. If I cook creatively, we are good for a couple of weeks I think. We might run out of cream for the coffee, but can live without that. I would like more pasta, but since Joe is supposed to be low carb, even that is probably a good thing.

    And I have art supplies to last a year I think, so hunker down!

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    I love that Philippe offered to make bread. I offer to make pie crust is there are no frozen ones available. But not bread. I’ve only made it a half dozen times in my life, and it’s a slog. If I’m going to make something with yeast, I think pecan rolls are a much better option. 😂😂

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    I made corned beef and cabbage for dinner and the neighbors came down for it. She brought a key lime pie! So I just finished a piece! Yay for us!!

    Has anyone told you that you didn’t paint a monarch caterpillar, but a swallowtail caterpillar instead? I even looked it up to be sure.…[Read more]

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    Cute pup! We had a lot of beagles when I was a kid. They were the cutest puppies in the world. Those long ears and giant puppy paws made them just perfect for cuddling. And I’m hunkering down because that’s what I do in winter anyway, so being encouraged to stay home is not a huge deal for me.

  • I adore strawberries! I buy eight quarts every June when they are in season here. I freeze about 5 1/2 quarts, turn 1 1/2 into strawberry shortcake, and eat about a quart while I’m washing and hulling them all. I don’t think that’s much of an exaggeration either. And then, midwinter, I pull some frozen ones from the freezer and taste a bit of…[Read more]

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    We can start a trend! Pearls for any occasion! 😁

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    I always wanted a pearl necklace, so Joe bought me one for a holiday one year. It was after we were married, but that’s all I remember for sure. It is a lovely string of pearls though and I wish I had occasions to wear them. Maybe I should make them my gardening pearls. So long as I don’t touch them with my dirty hands, they would be a fetching accessory.

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