• I have a blank wall in my dining area where I hang art, mine and other people’s, and I have two words up there. Joy and grateful. My life philosophy captured on a wall with other beautiful things. I’m going to add Be kind and laugh when I find them.

  • Great painting! And yes, If you do, you are! I love that definition. A little kid brings his painting to his mom and says look mom, I’m an artist. She would never say no you’re not.

  • Stupid raccoons come on our deck to eat cat food, and often leave a “calling card.”. Makes me crazy ! If they weren’t so darn cute, I’d make Joe trap them all and move them to the other side of the river!

  • Lisa commented on the post, Holiday Fruit 2 days, 23 hours ago

    Pomegranates are so pretty, and I want to love them, but the seeds make me crazy. My fall and winter fruits are citrus. When I was little and going to Sunday school we had to learn a piece and recite it in front of the congregation. Afterward we trooped to the basement and every kid got a paper bag with candy, peanuts, and a single orange. Maybe…[Read more]

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    I wouldn’t go back to high school! Too much drama, and not your kind of drama. College maybe. Or the few years when I lived alone in the northern town of Rhinelander. That’s when I took up biking and had my first “good” job. Living in a northern climate suited me. As did living alone on a small lake, and within an easy drive to Lake Superior. It…[Read more]

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    I can’t remember if I ever showed you the cardinals in my front yard maple tree. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-nDAmvhslVZ0/UMaVVY6yA4I/AAAAAAABOTA/N_tRUtQvLsg/s1600/Cihlar_Lisa_Cardinal+5.JPG

    I love them. They make winter bearable.

  • It’s your own version of Calvin and Hobbes. I love it!

    I had quite the menagerie when I was growing up 0 A psychedelic dog jumps out my memory. Dad got him for me when he was traveling for work. I loved that dog. He was Barbie’s favorite pet! 😂

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    You know, they make a tiny tiny village that fits in a shoe box. Surely you can find room for a shoe box! 😂…[Read more]

  • Yum! I love the jam.

  • When I saw sweet tarts, I immediately jumped to candy! I used to love them. That was in the good old days before they got chalky and too sweet.

    It’s a good thing you don’t live nearby, because if you did I’d be bringing you baked goods all the time! Plus, I grow my own raspberries!

    I swear, every time you post about food, I need a snack!…[Read more]

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    It’s a blackburnian warbler! Excellent! It snowed here too. I’m now ready for spring! 😂😂

  • I just this evening read an article and watched a video about an octopus that was filmed while he was sleeping and he kept changing color, leading scientists to surmise that he was dreaming! Pretty cool! But dogs dream, so I don’t know why they would think other creatures wouldn’t dream.

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    This morning I opened the cupboard door under my kitchen sink and there was a big ole mouse in the trap we have set there. I feel sad for the ones we trap, but I can’t come up with a better solution. For years we didn’t have mice in our house, but now that the feral cat population is at two or three, they’re back. Although, one of our indoor cats…[Read more]

  • I love owls too. I have gone on trips just to see them. A number of years ago there was an irruption wherein northern birds come much further south than usual due to over population, or lack of food. There was a report of a great gray owl north of here in a Madison suburban area. My friend and I got our cameras and drove up to see it. It was spectacular!

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    Must be nice to not get caught up in politics! I find myself yelling at the TV. My husband needs to watch the news. I try to stay away most of the time, but that’s not always possible.

    Our color is done. It was sped up by two snow storms that came way too early. All my lovely maple leaves weighed down by a blanket of snow. How dare mother…[Read more]

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    The home where I grew up was just a few miles from a sandy Lake Michigan beach. Because Door County is surrounded by water, I lived within a half hour of more public beaches than I can count without getting a map out to remind myself of them all. Yet I never found a message on a bottle. Pity! That would have been so cool! I also never put a…[Read more]

  • It is really hard to believe the world you’ve created in.such a short amount of time. And really, the fact that you have all of your doodlewashes in little sketch books is so lucky! Not to mention, you have them all online too. And that you registered doodlewash was smart thinking ahead!

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    I was always complimented on my eyes too. Big blue eyes, long lashes. Once when I was really little, an older girl on the school bus told me I had calf eyes. I went home crying because I thought she was being mean, saying I looked like a cow! 😂

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    I did NaNoWriMo once. I lasted a week. It’s just not in me.

    I love these shrooms! Years ago in high school I did a pen and ink drawing of a forest floor with ferns and mushrooms and lots of green things. I still think of that piece and wish I still had it. I do still have a piece I did in college and my friend framed it for me last year so…[Read more]

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