• Congratulations Charlie! What a great accomplishment! I can’t believe I’ve been here for 2 years. Yummy looking cake, makes me want to eat it!

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    This is ridiculous! Ridiculous wonderful! I can’t believe you just whipped this up. So many colors, so many details! amazing! Just reading about your day go me tired. Lol It’s over, time to move to another and hoping it is a bit quieter for you!

  • Dreamy! Your night time sky is wonderful, as well as your kitty!

  • Oh jacks! I forgot all about those. They were fun. (Another good toy that went by the wayside because kids couldn’t keep them out of their mouths. Who the heck were these kids??) I still have my blue Duncan Imperial yo-yo! My dad had to replace the string on it because I wore it out or it got a super knot in it. Lol I wasn’t very good at…[Read more]

  • Wow! This is great! Nothing comes to mind, so memories to share. Lol, you really bring a lot of memories to the surface for me each day. That has to be some goodness for this old brain. Teehee. Happy Weekend!

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    Oh his facial expression is so cute! I once tripped and fell to the sidewalk, cracked a rib. I was more afraid of what the 3 bike riding teenage boys would heckle at me. They actually came back to see if I was okay. I feel your pain, your pain of having to sit still. It’s tougher than the actual injury. Soak it in epsom salt. Here’s to a…[Read more]

  • Lovely feathered friend. I said to someone the other day, that I was as happy as a clam. They asked me, “Are clams really happy?” I replied, “I don’t know. Then, I know I am as happy as a bird with a french fry!” We both laughed as he said, “That’s one happy bird!” Spread the happy!

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    Squeal!! This is so sticking cute! So cute! I am a born cheesehead. That’s all I am going to say. 😉

  • So lovely. You should turn this into a card for Momma. I still have my first tomato pincushion. 😉

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    Oh how I love a bunny with blush! I think it always brings our characters to life. I know, I know, this sketch is about playing cards, but that bunny stole my heart!

  • Oh I love him! I love the whole sketch. So cute. Our county is finally opening to phase one today. I feel the leash was let out a little bit more. Things won’t change much for me, still no gym and still no work – don’t tell anyone, but I’m happy about that! 😉 Have a great weekend!

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    At first, he looked like he was having a bad hair day. He is great and I love the story of them making forever friends. Very interesting and it made me happy!

  • Wow! That is so cool. If I was sitting next to you right now, I’d ask, “How’d you do that?” 🙂 I agree with you regarding colored pencils, they take more work than I have patience for. But they sure are pretty to look at……says the girl who owns lots of them.

  • Lovely little fishes. I agree, we all need some down time, physically and mentally. I know by Monday these days, I need some me time.

  • Iconic! Love it! I occasionally love a good hot dog. The only thing wrong with yours, is the the mustard. Give me ketchup please! Tee hee….conjunction junction, what’s your function. I’m a bit older than you and never really watched, but did hear parts of it. 🙂

  • Oh I love him! I did not think to sketch a rooster on mine. Dang! Okay, so that is where I differences surface. I am a morning person. I love mornings. I am kind of like a rooster. Refreshed and ready to go before the sun is up. I should live on a farm. Tee hee!

  • Your work is incredible! So beautiful. I don’t know who you are comparing yourself too, but don’t! Your work is your own style and wonderful. As long as you are enjoying the journey you are on, that is all that matters. So inspirational to hear you are a self taught artist. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work!

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    This is lovely. Shiny too! Yes time is a tricky thing. You would think one would have so much right now, but in reality we still only have 24 hours in a day. We always seem to fill each minute up with something, especially those of us who don’t like to sit still. ;p

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    Wow! Nice job! We don’t welcome raccoons at our house. We have a kitty who spends the nights outside because she is a party girl. They do not get along and can be deadly to kitty’s. Luckily she has learned to stay away from them. We had a family of 5 go running across our fence one morning. We used to have a large cherry tree that they would…[Read more]

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    Gorgeous! So cheery. They come in so many shapes and sizes, like Dahlia’s. I had to laugh at your dentist story. I had to go about a month ago because I was having problems with a tooth. I felt like I was going into surgery, everyone was geared up. Come to find out, I had been grinding my teeth. No problems. I just have to wear a mouth guard.…[Read more]

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