• Funny you mentioned Beatrix P. (Miss Potter was a good movie.) That is what I thought of when I saw this wonderfully cute sketch! I might have to look up what it means when there are a lot of rabbits because I’ve heard several people hear say that there are a lot this year. I we in for a bad winter? Hmmm, maybe that is how we will get a…[Read more]

  • Thank you for sharing your story! Your work is amazing. I love to hear of other artists journeys. It always an inspirtation!

  • Oh he’s so cute! Great job on his expression! I agree about movies. They are carbon copies of previous movies. There are only a few movies that I can actually sit and watch and one of them was on last night……The Greatest Showman. I love it, I own it and I saw it at the theater 5 times. The Holiday is the other.

  • This is so wonderful! Such a fun scene! I love this! Books will never go away in our house. We all have our small collections. My son actually collects old books(early 1900’s) on the Columbia Gorge.

  • Lovely sketch! You would love the fact that our state fair here is offering drive thru service for their food, just like the theaters offering popcorn. I can stay away from fair food, however food at DL brings the same feelings. Oh, how I would love to have a corn dog from the Little Red Wagon and sit in the hub looking at the castle. I am…[Read more]

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    Oh my gosh! That fish in the bowl is hilarious! His facial expression made me laugh. Thank for sharing your thoughts on stepping back and rethinking your art journey. It is good to push ourselves. These prompts have been tough for me, not knowing what the thought Angela had behind them. I must admit, it has pushed me! I just haven’t had as…[Read more]

  • Wow! This is great! I always loved Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I remember singing the songs in elementary school. So fun. Most people think it was a Disney movie, but it wasn’t. Just a lot of “Disney’ people. Speaking of vintage machines, Google Glove Wernick record cabinet. An amazing piece of antique mechanical! We have purchased 4 Wernick…[Read more]

  • I just love this sketch! Please tell me this took a bit longer than your normal allotted time. 😉 It is just wonderful. I agree that the brain pusches stuff out to make room for new stuff. I also think that when you have a baby, they take half your brain. Bahawahaha!

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    These are great! Kudos to you for making yourself use other colors! Yep, Kermit was the first thing that came to mind for me too. Oscar was my friends, but I had already sketched Dopey. I agree with your idea that it is easier to sketch everyday when you do what you like. Therefore, I continue to sketch my dolly’s. 😉 I can’t explain why I…[Read more]

  • I love, love, love this! So cool! I didn’t have time to sketch in the morning yesterday, so I panicked last night. My sketch shows it. At least it got done! I need to see if they make those treat toys for cats. My cats begs for dinner for an hour every afternoon. I can’t wait until we change clocks again! Tee hee!

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    Looks so refreshing! For some reason this reminds me of the beach we used to go to in Upper Michigan on Lake Superior. I don’t know why, because I don’t remember seeing big waves while there. We very rarely go to the ocean beach here (it’s than 2 hours away). Summer, too many people, rest of the time weather. Grass is always greener……

  • Ahh, ice cream, delicously looking! It’s a good thing that your day whizzed by. That means you were enjoying what you were doing!

  • Same as me! I am always happier at home. Plenty of fun things to do here!

  • Your work is incredible! So beautiful. I love hearing your story. It is an inspiration! Thank you for sharing.

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    We make time for what we love! Your wonderful Cheetah is racing to the week finish line! Nothing planned, again this weekend. Slowly shutting us down. Groups of 10 now, down from 25. It is nice not to have to hurry up and go anywhere on the weekends. Now if only the neighbors family would go somewhere else! Haha!

  • It looks and sounds so refreshing! Kool-aid was our childhood drink. I can still see the Kool-aid man dancing around. Oh man, I wish I would have sketched him.

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    Oh how lovey dovey! The colors on them are perfectly beautiful! And do I dare say I want cad-free colors, after just winning something the other day? Off to post my “fall” sketch. 😉

  • Oh, to only know what these two are discussing! So charming! Good thing I wasn’t drinking anything when you shared your freezer defrosting video. I would have spit it across the room. Hahaha! I used to have to defrost my freezer in my old apartment. Hated every minute of it. Ahhh modern conveniences! Why was Phillippe watching that video…[Read more]

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    Thank you for letting me know! It’s been hit and miss on receiving emails saying you replied. I just figure you are one busy guy and can’t keep up with us. Teehee! Thanks again, I left the info for you.

  • LoriCtoo commented on the post, Finding The Flow 1 month ago

    Dude! Haha, I couldn’t resist. Such a great sketch! Yes social media has unfortunaltely taken a turn for the worse and I have distanced myself. I have always used Instagram for art inspiration, as soon as people started getting on their soap boxes, I started unfollowing them. My account, my choice. I’ve done that with a lot of blogs that I get…[Read more]

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