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    #doodlewashseptember2020 Day 28 Boater. #worldwatercolorgroup
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    Please ignore message from Rejoice Henderson We had a spammer sneak into our community briefly, but they’ve been blocked. Please ignore any message from Rejoice Henderson, and just a reminder to never reply directly via email to anyone you don’t already know! 😉
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    Day 27 - Goldenrod. Often falsely blamed for fall allergies it is an insect pollinators. Ragweed which usually grows along side is wind pollinated and likely the cause of that sneeze. Goldenrod is a gorgeous color and very visible where Ragweed is not. There is a field filled with Goldenrod and bees next to my house.
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    @karen-howard I just transferred 200 points to your account so you can get the paper.
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    Days 6-9, to show actual size of the miniatures #doodlewashJuly2020 #WorldWatercolorMonth #DaVinciPaint💖🎨
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    Has anyone heard of rejoicevoice45? Whoever this is has posted on one of my pictures asking me to email them directly. I cannot find them in the list of artists. Wondering if this might be something a bit fishy?
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