• Mariam Giafone posted artwork 3 months ago

    So, I have a question…what do you do when you are working on a painting, and you get to a point when you are almost afraid to move forward, for fear of totally ‘trashing’ what you have already accomplished? (this little guy has worked out better than I anticipated so far, and I just hate the thought of messing him up now….) 20191018_180950

    So, I have a question…what do you do when you are working on a painting, and you get to a poin
    • Good decision, it looks great!

    • He’s beautiful! When i get to that point I usually walk away and let it rest for awhile; look at it later with fresh eyes and then work on it again.

      • Thanks, Mary. That makes sense – I have a bad habit of wanting to work on it until it’s done, and I think that’s where I start making mistakes.

    • it is so beautiful. I cannot wait to see it finished.

    • What Mary said. I usually wait for a while – sometimes a week or two and then look at it before deciding if I need to do anything more. That said, I do have one or two paintings that I’ve never touched even though I think they might need something more. If you can’t decide WHAT more it is they need, I think it’s better to try painting it again, than to mess up what you’re happy with.

      • Thanks, Sandra. It’s so hard not to try and ‘make it better’ – HA! I will try to exercise some patience before I head back in to finish this one.

    • This is looking beautiful! 😍And as others have said, yep, walking away for awhile is great advice. Though I have to admit that I don’t… I just sort of go for it and always complete things in one sitting. But I do have a tendency to overwork things. Knowing when to stop is a real skill that I’m still trying to learn! 😉

      • As am I…too often I just try to keep adding more, and of course, the result is never what I want. Am hoping tomorrow I will be able to look at this with fresh eyes and finish it, without ruining what I already have. Thanks, Charlie! I knew checking in with the community here would help me move forward.😊

    • I agree with Mary, Mariam. We often need to let paintings sit for a bit and come back with fresh eyes. Some paintings sit for a long time and that is fine.

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