• Lulu Rain posted an update 7 months ago

    I adore all the daily challenges everyone has been sharing!💖 I have been doing the daily challenges, but posting is another challenge. My head pulses like an ocean in it until I assure myself I don’t have to. 🤦‍♀️😂
    I started a bleeding heart in response to the pot o’gold, but I was sure there was something more fitting to attempt. I did a vintage pawn shop sign, and that told me, I am jaded! 🐣 And that is why this warm place of Doodlewash is the best Pot O’gold for me. 💖 You are all so gentle and inspiring which will lend to my pawn shop turning into a palatial palace. 😂 Not really but rather a place of safety and comfort.

    • I would love to see your bleeding heart. I post because it is good for me to be fearless. I love seeing what everyone is posting and how they interpreted the prompt. This should be fun. Kick the inner critic out the door.

    • I’d love to see anything you do. I do understand the fear that keeps you from posting because I suffer from social anxiety. I’ve managed to overcome it to a great degree but, as with art, we all have to go at our speed. I hope you will post your work – I would certainly love to see it! But if you can’t do it today, don’t feel bad about that either. If you give yourself time, you’ll be able to do it sooner or later.

    • I hope you will post your work when you are ready; it would be wonderful to see what you are painting!

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