Marie Trope Zanzal

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Marie Trope Zanzal


New York City

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New York



Artist Bio

I still hesitate to call myself an artist, so Artist Bio is a bit intimidating to me. But here goes. I was born, raised, and mostly educated in Paris, France. I have been living and working in NYC for 24 years. My background is in Art History–which I studied at the Sorbonne–and Museum Education–which I studied at Bank Street Graduate School in NYC. Over the years, I have been an educator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a manager in the Education Department at the Morgan Library and Museum, and for the past two years, back to the Met. Art is my life. Although I never attended art school, in the past twenty years, I have taken art classes in multiple continuing education programs around the City. My medium of choice is watercolor. I discovered it when I was 15 as I was staying with my pen pal in England. It was love at first sight, and soon after, love again at first try. I am also pretty good with a pencil, and on good days, I can do a decent job with pen and ink. A year ago, after I had sustained a major professional "injury", I took up Sequential Art as therapy. When I am not giving tours at the Met, I am now creating comics almost full-time. I don't like the word "comics", which is historically charged and still vaguely dismissive. I prefer Sequential Art for the genre, and Graphic Stories, or Graphic Short Stories, or Graphic Novels when referring to the individual works. It is a graphic literary art, older than any other art form, even if some would not even confer it the status of art. Okay, off my soapbox. You get my drift. When I don't create Graphic Stories, or give tours at the Met, I like to paint realistic watercolors. I will soon launch a website with more works by me and my husband, who also works in watercolor. You’ll find my realistic watercolors in the Doodlewash main feed, and my Sequential Short Stories, under the Pen and Ink Forum > Sequential Art.

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