• Kostubh Khandelwal started the topic Paint not set After Drying in the forum Seeking Advice 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    I am using beginner watercolors(camel artica – Paper 60% cotton. when i apply light washes the paint behaves nicely. But when i apply a less dilute paint for darker look it ends up being loose after drying(loose as in activates it water is reapplied for a second wash and comes off if touched).

    • Is the problem that when you add a second layer, you lift color instead of adding it, or that once both layers have dried the paint comes off when touched? The first is fairly common – some papers only work well for one layer of paint. The second problem could be either the paper or the paint. Does this happen with all papers when using this paint? Then it’s the paint. I’ve never used this brand, but it’s student quality and no telling what’s in it. If it’s only this paper, it’s probably the sizing used to make the paper absorbent. Do you stretch your paper (wet it completely, tape it down and let it dry before using it). It can help with sizing problems so you might try it if you haven’t already.

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