• For our prompt of “Cherries” today, I sketched a bit of ice cream in a waffle bowl with a cherry on top. Several months ago, Philippe and I were shopping at HomeGoods and I saw a miraculous appliance known as a

    • This looks so yummy Charlie! There is a farm store up the road that is selling frozen gelato in interesting flavors and a soft served yogurt shop downtown that posts yummy looking treats on Facebook. One of these days I am going to get a treat!

    • This looks so darn good I’m tempted to go out and buy one of those waffle cup makers!!! OK, I won’t because there isn’t space in the cupboards for anything else but it is tempting. Funny, I never fail to find room for new art supplies. hmmm.

    • I’m with Philippe. Usually those specialty machines are impossible to put together or clean properly and never make anything as tasty as you expect. On the other hand – a mini donut factory? There’s a flea market in Florida that makes (or did) fresh donut holes as you watch. You specify what topping you want and they are the most decadent food on the face of the earth. I allow myself since I only go to Florida once or twice a year, if that. But. Ooh. To be able to make something like that at home. In no time at all, I’d be as round as a donut myself!

    • After working in a job where I made real fried donuts with a donut making machine, I have to admit that on more than one occasion I have spent time looking at the machines thinking I would like to own one at home. Ridiculous since each hopper of dough made in the neighborhood of 60 donuts. But still, now I’ve got the urge to check eBay in case someone has a used one that I should give a home! This is all your fault! !

    • Mmmmmm yum yum, I want one!!!!!

    • Looks delicious with a gorgeous cherry on top 😊 I am the same about art supplies LOL always find room for more…

    • This is so cute! I hadn’t thought about them getting soggy, yuck! However, me being the work around person, I would turn it upside down in a bowl. That’s if I wanted it. Not a fan of waffles or waffle cones. :O

  • For our prompt of “Sage” today, I sketched a bit of sage blooming. I love fresh herbs this time of year and though Philippe and I don’t have a proper yard, we have grown herbs in pots. I say that in the past tense

  • Hello friends and fellow artists, my name is Manish and I am from Maharashtra, India. I would like to introduce myself and about my art journey with a beautiful quote which has always inspired me. “The creative a

    • Manish, your work is beautiful. It’s easy to see that you do use value sketches because the values in your finished work are amazing. Thank you for sharing your artistic journey with us.

    • Your journey inspires me. You’re discovering and expressing what you know, what you continue to learn, and love through your watercolors–in fresh, childlike wonder. They are simply inviting and beautiful to see. As a fellow Asian immigrant, I know the parental pressure for us to acquire a certain profession, because they wanted only something better for us in life. Your engineering skills certainly are evident in your clean lines, wonderful shapes and colors in your urban landscapes. Stay well!

    • I love your simplicit style, but still with enough details. So calming. Thank you sharing your inspiring story!

    • Manish, thank you so much for sharing your story and your beautiful art!

    • Thank you for sharing your story, Manish! Your art is beautiful!!

    • Thanks for sharing your lovely work and story.

    • Very nice!!

    • Thank you for your inspiring story I enjoy your wonderful art and find it very calming

  • For our prompt of “Bluebell” today, I wasn’t sure what to make, so I just let my inner child quickly doodle whatever first came to mind. Apparently, Little Charlie had snails on the brain so this was the purely

  • For our prompt of “Golden” today, I chose to sketch a golden pocket watch. I love watches like these with exposed clockwork, though I hadn’t yet sketched one like this. Indeed, that’s likely because it’s a bit of

    • Lovely watch and yep I love the simplicity of pen and paper ..yet I started doing graphics on computer which led to my moving to paper…Thanks for the reminder of the simpler things in life!!

    • Gorgeous watch Charlie! My younger brother was given my grandfather’s when he passed away. My brother was very young. I wonder if he still has it.
      Beautiful weather here today so we got out and did yard work. Nice to be outside and we are fortunate that the neighbors are not close by so social distancing is not an issue. Oh, the baby goats have moved in next door. Looking forward to seeing more than just a glimpse of them.

    • It makes me a little sad when I was the big effect movies anymore. I remember the total sense of awe I had when I first saw Star Wars, and the first Jurassic Park – almost like being right there with the dinosaurs. It’s hard to get that same feeling, even when watching on the big screen. Children growing up today may never have that same feeling.

    • Twists and turns and paths less traveled. I know so many artists who have found their way back to art.

    • My husband, Joe, is a big guy, 6’2″ , with big hands. My dad was 6’4″ ‘ also with big hands. Yet both of them gravitated to working with tiny things. Joe works with electronics, and dad worked with machinery and carved birds as a hobby. It is kind of mind blowing to see the tiny things they deal with. It would make me crazy!! 😂 I’ll stick with my big old 10 inch chef’s knife and size 18 paint brush, thank you very much.

      • Oh wow! That’s awesome… love they did things one wouldn’t expect with big hands. Though it would probably make me crazy as well! lol 😉

    • Wow, beautiful job on the watch! The gold case is especially lovely. I’m also intrigued by mechanical things, like my Olivetti typewriter, purchased in 1968 for college. Also my simple gold watch with leather wristband, purchased in Switzerland in1972. They are both simple, beautifully designed, items that still work!

    • Beautiful work Charlie, your piece really brings home the idea that time is indeed golden.

    • Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 Aww.. I’m so happy you enjoyed this post! Here’s to a happy life full of wishes!

    • Wonderful line and painting,Charlie!

    • Thanks, Fanna! 😃💕 So happy you liked this one. Yeah… sketching shiny things is really so fun!

  • For our prompt of “Eggplant” today, I doodled a few of them hanging on the vine from my imagination. I love fresh eggplant, though we primarily only have it in ratatouille, which also makes me think of one of my

  • For our prompt of “Blue Jay” today, I sketched one sitting in a tree, enjoying a little break. I adore sketching birds and I’m always a bit envious of their view, high in the treetops, even though I’m afraid of

  • For our prompt of “Green Apples” today, I chose to paint a pair of them still clinging to the branch. Philippe and I eat quite a lot of apples, but they are always of the red variety as that’s our preference. That

  • For our prompt of “Salmon” today, I doodled a happy little salmon leaping out of the water. I got a little sidetracked as ever studying videos of salmon swimming against the current and flying into the air. It was

    • I think that feeling of starting something new is alluring. I know it’s one of the reasons I’ve always jumped from one passion to another. I even got into body-building, briefly. Certainly nothing about me to prove that anymore! I’m really looking forward to hearing about your great ‘up and coming’ thing!

      • Oh wow! Body building, eh? I didn’t last long there, but did get addicted to hot yoga for a time! I was much hotter while that addiction lasted. 😉 lol

    • This is one awesome smile maker of a salmon, Charlie!! How could one not smile at this happy character? It’s always energizing to start planning a new project. Sometimes it feels like each day is a new project….and there are always projects swimming around in my minsd.

      • Thanks so much, Mary! 😃💕 Glad this made ya smile. And yeah… there’s mostly swimming happening in my mind right now as well. Hopefully something will leap out soon!

    • Oh sure a happy fish Charlie! Thanks for the smile!

    • I’ve seen the salmon running in Alaska – it’s amazing.

    • I had to giggle at your salmon. Not because it was bad, it is very nice. It reminded me of the movie The Incredible Mr. Limpett. Childhood memories came back. Whenever it was on, I would watch it because it was part cartoon. Remember back then, cartoons where only shown on Saturdays AND before some movies on Sundays??? You may be too young to have experienced that. 😉 Anyway, your fish made me remember one of those happy places. 🙂

      • Thanks, Lori! 😃💕 Haha! Oh wow… I’d never heard of that movie and now I want to check it out! I actually met and had dinner and drinks with Don Knotts once! hehe I remember that! I loved the Sunday movies and Saturday only cartoons. Made it feel special!

    • Love your smiling fish! And although I am struggling(swimming upstream) through most days..I am glad for the sunshine and the relief that making art gives me. and the wonder of coming here and reading your reminders of days past and also looking to the future.

      • Thanks so much, Priscilla! 😃💕Yeah, the future is still going to be wonderful. And today isn’t half bad either as long as we remember to keep smiling!

    • Lisa replied 1 week ago

      I just ordered salmon from the grocery store. It’s nice to be able to buy wild caught salmon, but my favorite by far was the salmon my father brought home from fishing trips on Lake Michigan. We also had a lot of lake trout from those trips. The big deal where I grew up was to have a fish boil. You put huge amounts of salt in boiling water over an open flame. Then tossed in red potatoes and little onions. Finally you put in the fish steaks. Serve with melted butter and cole slaw and a slice of rye bread. Yum! Cherry pie was the usual dezsert. It’s been too long since I had one of these meals.

    • Beautiful. I was thinking of doing a leaping salmon but couldn’t think how I do the water. Now I know. So simple but really effective.

    • Nice and beautiful!!

    • Beautiful Charlie…It’s come out very nice..keep going!😊

    • It’s a lovely Salmon, Charlie 🥰 It looks very happy.

    • Thanks so much, Nabeela! 😃💕

    • Live the expression and happy colours

    • Thanks so much, Shawn! 😃💕

  • My name is Natalia Budihardjo, founder of Gnadia Artwork. I believe we are all created for a purpose. I was struggling to find the purpose of my life. I prayed and asked many times to God. Then I found this

  • Since I don’t enjoy sketching humans, for our prompt of “Blonde” today, we ended up with a freshly quaffed and colored afghan hound. There’s just something so awesome about these dogs and they all tend to look

    • Fantastic “blonde” Charlie! My mind did not go that. It is always fun to see what everyone comes up with.

    • Hahaha! He does look like some dude from the ’80s. Too funny. He is actually really good!

    • They are a gorgeous animal and you painted this one beautifully!

    • Lol I cracked up looking at the sketch and reading your post!

    • Love this fancy blonde! And oh my gosh, I remember trying “Sun-In” spray one summer back in the 80s. Disastrous, streaky, bright orange results, but I liked that it was different from my normal, boring hair.

    • I too have often wondered what I would look like blond but no! LOL my picture for today’s prompt will probably be the closest I would come to being a blond..But your dog looks beautiful and elegant..and maybe they do have more fun..but like you I am enjoying the life I have now! Great picture and words 🙂

    • I saw your interview on discovery. So cool and thanks for the encouragement!

    • I haven’t dyed my brunette locks, but I did put red rinses in it a couple of times. I would make a terrible blond. Although both my mother and sister were blondes. Dad was almost black, and my brother a light brown. The most interesting thing I’ve ever done with my hair was twice growing it really long and donating it to Locks of Love for victims of cancer. I have thick curly hair that has never been chemically treated so it was prime to give away. Now it has too much white in it to be of much use. The other interesting thing about my hair is that I never had it cut by anyone but my grandma until I was 16 years old. I loved sitting on her hair cutting stool and chitchatting while she cut away. Oh, another interesting thing. When I was living in London I went to the Vidal Sassoon school for hair cutter and had a student cut it. She asked me to return and be her model for her final exam unfortunately I was headed back to the U.S. and couldn’t do it. That’s a lot more interesting hair stuff than I thought at first. I’ve only had one bad haircut in my life, so I’m fairly sanguine about it.

      • Oh wow! I adore those stories! You did have a lot of hair adventures! That’s awesome, Lisa! 😃💕

    • You made me giggle with the vision of a sun-beaten orange-haired Charlie. I bet you carried the look off with pizzaz! I had many colors of hair, including a metallic red when a wash-in shampoo collided with a previous color that I thought had long washed out. Fortunately, it made me a trend-setter as wild hair colors were just starting to be considered the rage. I tried to pretend it was on purpose, but had to admit my mistake when I couldn’t repeat the color. My 15 minutes of fame, I guess, although that might have come earlier when I had a letter published in a Daredevil comic book.

      • Glad you enjoyed this, Sandra! 😃💕Fun stories! But yeah, I think a letter in a comic book definitely wins for first!!

    • Great idea. Great doodle.

    • Who put the noodles on him? 😄 Poor thing posing with the beautiful prop on his head.

    • Lovely painting😊

    • Beautiful blonde!

    • thank you for bringing a smile to my face. Great!

    • Great doodle you blond dog is beautifully done!

    • Very beautiful and wonderful painting,Charlie!

    • I went with afghan too. I love the eyes on yours.

    • Thanks, Sarah! 😃💕 Glad you enjoyed this!

    • Thanks, Shawn! 😃💕 Yeah, I had fun with this one.. .a bit more tongue in cheek! hehe

  • For our prompt of “Scarlet Macaw” today, I decided to doodle one sitting on a branch with a bit of a come hither look tinged with a touch of shyness. For some reason, I have it in my imagination that scarlet

  • For our prompt of “Grape Jelly” today, my mind went right to the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I enjoyed as a kid. Though I did have them with grape jelly sometimes, my favorite was with strawberry jam

    • Not fond of peanut butter but totally understand..I have found also its the little things that matter most…and although some things I do miss(hugs,church and family)..I also have enjoyed the time to work with my art and just have fun with the little things that come out…Have a blessed day!

      • Philippe doesn’t like peanuts at all, but loves peanut butter! lol I have no idea how that works. Yay for having time to have fun with art! 😃💕

    • Fantastic Charlie.😊

    • Fantastic Charlie! Grape jelly is the only one my husband will eat but I prefer seedless raspberry. I agree with you that it is very unnerving to be out and about with people and I am not sure when those feelings will ease. Art exhibit opportunities are slowly becoming discussed and I am being very cautious about what I am agreeing too. Still trying to be upbeat and create. Stay safe!

      • Thanks so much, Karen! 😃💕 I’m with you… seedless raspberry sounds way better! Things will all work out as they should. Stay safe and upbeat and create!!

    • Just the right amount of peanut butter and jelly….nice Doodlewash, Charlie! Brings back lots of good childhood memories.

    • My husband has been going in to work each day, and I’ve been doing grocery shopping every couple of weeks, and we’re both going to continue with that being our only outings for a while. We’re both content and haven’t felt like we’ve missed very much. As the weather gets better, we’ll probably do more scenic drives on the week-end and that’s really all we’ll need. And peanut butter and jam sandwiches? The only thing better is peanut butter and jam on toast!

      • Yeah, we’re not heading back into the world yet. Might be post-vaccine at this point. But we’ll be taking that drive as well soon I’m sure! 😉

    • That’s my favorite sandwich ever… And eat it with a banana and a hot chocolate!!!!!! Mmmmmmmm.😋😋😋

    • Brilliant doodle Charlie. I love peanut butter. Don’t think I’d like it with jam (jelly) though.

    • Pb&j isn’t for me. In fact I don’t like either of those on anything but toast. Funny how people’s tastes are so different. I snuck Oreos into our grocery shopping. But my favorite treat during this time is an order of iris plants I made the other day, and a sycamore tree I ordered. It occurred to me that I really bought the tree for the next generation that moves into this house after we are dead, but that’s okay. I always wanted one, and I still have time left on the planet to watch it grow.

      • Okay, now you’ve got me wanting to sneak Oreos into our next grocery order! lol 😃💕 Yum! And yay for watching the tree grow. Trees are always wonderful gifts for the next generation!

    • Wonderful and beautiful painting!!

    • Lovely! This is scrumptiously inviting!

    • Wow! Your sketching has really increased these past few months. More to them. I am reminded of pb&j every time I make one for my hubby’s lunch. It’s usually after dinner when I make it, so it doesn’t sound that great. When I make it before I eat, I always think, “Oh this sounds really good. Maybe I’ll have one for lunch tomorrow.” You know how our little peabrains work……forgotten in a matter of hours (or even minutes). Tee Hee!

      • Aww thanks so much, Lori! 😃💕I have a coworker who only ate pb&j every day at lunch as well! hehe It sounds good, but I don’t know if I’d like it as well as I did back then!

    • Hooray for PBJ! I also like it with strawberry preserves. When there is nothing in the fridge for lunch, this humble sandwich saves the day.

      • hehe! yes! 😃💕 I remember this sandwich saving my life many times as a kid! These days, I don’t want the sweet, so it ends up with just peanut butter! hehe

    • Great doodle of jelly charlie!

    • Fantastic Work! reminds me of when I was working as a professional in a nonprofit, I loved going out for lunch but still my husband would make me a bagged lunch every day , he made me a peanut butter and jelly/ jam sandwich… the only variation being the type of jam. Every day it sat in my car uneaten or eaten for breakfast or became life savers on the days we were strapped for time . I never told him to stop with making the sandwiches because I knew they were an act of caring and love… now we are both retired together I miss those “P&J” ! I still get my morning coffee made for me so can’t complain!

  • For our prompt of “Silver Fox” today, I made a quick little fox sketch with just two colors. Indeed the term is also used to apply to a handsome man with gray hair. I remember several years ago when a woman I

    • Fantastic fox, Charlie! These days I appreciate grey hair and think of them as a natural part that has their own charm!

    • I have to admit, I considered painting a portrait of Sam Elliot for this prompt, but I needed one of my postcards for the lunch bag so I went that way instead. I’ve refused to color away my gray hair. I figure each one indicates a bit of wisdom I’ve gained as I’ve grown older, so I tell people I haven’t grown older, I’ve just grown wiser.

    • Wonderful fox, Charlie!! Gray is beautiful!!! 😍

    • Delightful fox Charlie! I’m with Sandra in embracing the gray which is really getting white. My husband tried to egg me on to DOodling a Sam Elliot type prompt. He has taken to giving me prompt “suggestions”! 😉 He does still make me chuckle!

    • I’m a dark brunette, so when my silver started coming in, on the late side, it really showed. I’ve never used hair dye, except a rinse, they’re there for all the world to see. And I’m fine with that.

      I read just today that a silver Fox is just a red fox color variant.

      • Yay to embracing the gray! 😃💕 And yep… the silver fox is just a differently colored red fox. I actually used a red fox as a reference for my sketch! 😉

    • Wonderful and beautiful painting,Charlie !

    • Darling little guy. You too Charlie! 😉 Unfortunately, gray hair can be a hereditary thing. My Native American heritage gave us what they refer to as “Autumn Frost”…….early onset of gray hair in our early 30’s. So needless to say I’ve been coloring for awhile. I have a sister 8 years older than me and I watched what happened to her……I was too young to let that happen. Hahaha!

    • Lovely fox. I love this! I started to have 2 silver hair coming in the front I might I keep them since I read your story.

    • Yay! I’m so thrilled you found Doodlewash! Hope you’ll join us in our community and share what you make! 😃💕

    • Hehe!! That’s a good silver fox choice indeed! 😉 Hope you keep safe as well, Rowena! 😃💕

    • Thanks, Shawn! 😃💕 Two color paintings are super fun!

  • For our prompt of “Raspberry Tart” today, we have simply that, with a single fork added. I realize it’s only one fork as sharing one of these is extremely difficult since it’s one of my favorite desserts. Truly,

  • For our prompt of “Green Beans” today, my mind leapt immediately to thoughts of my grandparent’s farm. These were one of my favorite foods as a kid, but only the version that my grandmother made. After she picked

  • For our prompt of “Raisins” today, I decided to doodle a bowl of raisin bran cereal. Though I loved this as a kid along with the little boxes of raisins as a snacks, I don’t really ever have raisins around the

    • Yeah, it would be nice if the healthy stuff had someone like Popeye, who always encouraged us to eat their spinach … well, some of us. As a kid, I wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot spoon. Discovered I liked it raw in salads, but Popeye never ate it that way. I suppose we’re just too suspicious of marketing people. If they’re selling something as fun, we think there must be a reason they aren’t selling based on its own merits. And we’d probably be right!

      • So true! We’ve become a suspicious lot indeed! And yeah, Popeye had spinach oozing out of a can, which was so gross to me as a kid! lol 😉

    • Very nice

    • I still enjoy a bowl of raisin bran now and then, great post Charlie! I agree that we need to feed our inner child. I’m lucky enough to be married to someone who also connects with his inner child and keeps me laughing. 😉

    • Nice bowl of Raisin Bran, Charlie! it was always my second favorite bowl of cereal, Frosted Flakes being my very favorite. Of course that was because Frosted Flakes came with a Tiger on the box…or, was it in the box? I am sure that the fact it was loaded with sugar had nothing to do with it being a favorite.🤔🙂🙃

      • Thanks so much, Mary! 😃💕 hehe… me too! I loved Frosted Flakes most as well! Actually… it had less sugar than the kind of raisin bran with the frosted raisins!

    • Lisa replied 2 weeks ago

      I like raisins and I have a box in the cupboard. But here’s the secret. Raisin oatmeal cookies! I’m happy to snack on plain raisins, but I get very excited about the cookies. I am also a big fan of rum raisin ice cream.

      Our dishwasher broke down and Joe is working on fixing it. It’s 23 years old, so if he can’t fix it in one try we’re going to get a new one. We got a new microwave a while back to replace our 20 year old one. I hate the new onne. The numbers are too small and the glass tray slips off its track too easy. But I may have to live with it until I die. I think after this pandemic has backed off enough that I feel safe going out, I’m going to get a different one. Life’s too short to live with something you hate.

      • Yes to raisin oatmeal cookies! That’s by far the best raisin use there is! 😃💕 And so true… life is way too short to live with something you hate!

    • Great doodle Charlie. I like to have nuts and raisins to nibble on at work.

    • Very nice and wonderful painting!!!

    • You even make a boring bowl of cereal look amazing! I love that you shared your early link of the same thing. It is inspiring to see how you have come along over the years. I have a box of my sketchbooks that I like to go through every once in awhile for reassurance and a good laugh. I have improved tremendously and I definitely have gotten faster.

      • Aww thanks so much, Lori! 😃💕 Yeah, it’s always good to look back and see the progress from time to time. It’s always encouraging!

    • Lovely bowl cereals doodle ,i like to add pistachio nuts and fresh fruit!Yummy!!

    • Thanks so much, Linda! 😃💕 So happy you enjoyed this! I love sketching food… it’s so fun!

    • Aww that’s so wonderful to know, Mugdha! So happy you enjoy my sketches! 😃💕 Yeah, I’m all about accessing my inner child to sketch. That’s why I published my tips as Sketching Stuff Activity Books… hehe… kids just jump in and DO things without fussing over technique or steps. I wanted to replicate that experience!

    • Thanks so much! 😃💕

    • Thanks so much! 😃💕

    • Thanks, Shawn! 😃💕 Happy you enjoyed this one!

  • My name is Rémy Lach. I live near Paris, in France. As for my artistic background, I only drew and painted 2 hours per week during plastic art courses in middle school. In a nutshell, I wasn’t born with a paint br

    • Wonderful painting!!

    • Wonderful paintings and excellent advice!

    • I like your practical and ordered approach to learning a rebellious medium like watercolor. You are a master of atmospheric color and light. Thank you for sharing your artistic journey with us!

      • Hello Sandra,
        This is probably one of the best compliment someone can give me. Thank you so much.
        I hope that some advice will be useful to people.
        Art is made to move people. When it’s the case, despite all the flaws my paintings can have, it encourages me to keep on painting 🙂

    • Remy, thanks for recounting your journey to your present expression in watercolor. I really like the atmosphere you put into your work, love the skies! All the best!

      • Hello Robert,
        To be honest, I was a little bit afraid at how people would consider me after seeing all the struggles I have been through during this learning process but your comment gave me strength to be proud of this journey !
        Thank you so much for that.

        I love skies very much although I don’t paint them as often as I probably should…
        I should look for skies photos in my smartphone now 🙂

    • Nice to meet you are Remy, thank you so much for such a wonderful inspiring article. Sharing your insights really reminds me that I am still working on step one and two but will get there! I find this group has helped me do that by challenge me to paint everyday, simple objects that force me to work on mastering those technical skills. Your work is fantastic and your words are informative and inspiring.

      • Wow Susan thank you so much for taking the time to share your artistic journey as well.
        I know what you mean and it is a soothing feeling to know that people like us have been through the same path as us.
        And to be honest, I am still struggling with technical moves in watercolor.
        For example, dry on dry brush strokes are sometimes a pain to me, especially when I have to be very precise !
        I find myself learning as much from my students than they are learning from me.
        Art is to be shared.
        For that, thank you for sharing some part of your art life.

      • Hello Susan,
        Just for your information, I created a FREE watercolor masterclass video where I show you in real time how I paint a landscape and I point out the biggest mistakes my students do when painting watercolor.
        I also list all my watercolor supplies so that you know exactly what you need!
        You can check this FREE masterclass by clicking on the following link https://remylach.com
        If you watch this video, I am very interested in having your feedback !!
        Hope to see you soon 🙂 !!

    • Remy, your work is gorgeous and thank you for sharing your story with us!

      • Hi Karen,
        It’s so nice from you to say something like that. It’s also a real pleasure to tell my story and it’s even better if you enjoyed it !!
        Guest artists on Doodlewash have each their unique path and I am very proud to be one of them now.
        Thank you for your comment.
        I hope that you will keep loving my art 🙂

    • Thanks a lot Chantel.
      I hope that you will find my next paintings as beautiful as now 🙂
      See you.

    • Hello Mike,
      I tried to write a story where people could be beside me, feeling my joy as well as my pain 🙂
      If you enjoyed my story, then that’s great !
      I try to paint gentle washes to keep the freshness of watercolor. If you found them transcendent, it’s a good sign that I’m on the right path.
      Thank you for your comment !

    • Lovely skies and water!

      • Hi Sharon,

        Thanks a lot for your comment !
        I love subjects that have been built by mother nature.
        Skies and water are among them.
        They are much more forgivable subjects than human body or buildings/cars and at the same time, they convey a sense of peace.
        It seems that many people love skies in my art, I should consider making more of them 🙂

        Have a nice day !

    • Wow! Your work is wonderful and your story is inspiring. Thank you for sharing. I’ll be sure to check your videos.

      • Hi LoriCtoo,

        It’s such a nice comment that you wrote. If my story can inspire you, then I think it was worth the effort explaining all my pain ahah.

        Thank you for your interest and I hope to see you soon on Youtube !!

    • Hello Mugdha,
      It’s wonderful if you found these tips useful.
      As you said, I don’t want to appear like the “artist” who came out of nowhere.
      Instead, I think that the best lessons life can teach are through struggles and small victories.
      I hope that you find my future tips as useful as these ones 🙂

    • Hello Katja,
      Thank you for your comment.
      Wow, it would be such a coincidence.
      Who are thinking of?

    • I would even say that it’s very easy to overwork in watercolor in general !! I still find myself dabbling and dabbling from time to time before realizing that I just went too far and that there is no going back 🙁
      Anyway, thanks for your comment again, I totally agree with you on this point !!

      • Hi Remy,my names steve and I’m new to both doodle wash and watercolour painting,I haven’t painted anything yet,I ordered my introductory painting set online last night,I haven’t done any art since school over 30 years ago,I used to be reasonable at pencil drawing back then,I read your post and it’s really inspired me even further to learn how to paint you have made me very aware now of the frustrating times ahead😊.im going to start by experimenting on beach scenes,I’ve been watching videos online and been really inspired by some of them.
        Thankyou for the inspiring passionate and honest post,and your amazing paintings are stunning.

    • Wow. Beautiful paintings. I enjoyed your story. Thank you for the advice. I will check your YouTube video for sure.

      • Hello Tanasirin, thank you so much for your comment !!
        If my story can help people, then it’s perfect 🙂
        I love to have feedback on my videos !! Don’t hesitate to subscribe as I post weekly videos at least !!
        I hope that you will love my next videos and paintings 😀🎨
        Hope to see you soon 🙂 !!

    • Love your paintings , they are beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your journey in your artistic life with watercolor.
      You are inspiring me to get back to painting again. Very inspiring!

      • Hello Diane, thank you so much for your comment !!
        That’s great if I can help you go back to painting !!
        You can check my Youtube channel to see how I paint my latest artwork.
        Otherwise, if you like my painting style, I created a FREE watercolor masterclass video where I show you in real time how I paint a landscape and I point out the biggest mistakes my students do when painting watercolor.
        I also list all my watercolor supplies so that you know exactly what you need!
        You can check this FREE masterclass by clicking on the following link https://remylach.com
        I hope that you will love my next videos and paintings 😀🎨
        Hope to see you soon 🙂 !!

    • Hello Lin, thank you so much for your comment !!
      I still have a long road in front of me !!
      But now I feel confident enough to teach this medium and it’s pure joy since I started my Youtube channel.
      I hope that you will love my next videos and paintings 😀🎨
      Hope to see you soon 🙂 !!

    • Hello Magny, thank you so much for your comment !!
      It’s great to speak with people who share the same interests.
      Watercolor is such a lonely activity 🙂
      I hope that you will love my next videos and paintings 😀🎨
      Hope to see you soon 🙂 !!

    • Bonjour Molly ! Merci pour votre commentaire en français impeccable 🙂 !!
      If you like my painting style, I created a FREE watercolor masterclass video where I show you in real time how I paint a landscape and I point out the biggest mistakes my students do when painting watercolor.
      I also list all my watercolor supplies so that you know exactly what you need!
      You can check this FREE masterclass by clicking on the following link https://remylach.com
      If this masterclass can help you feel less frustration by preventing you from making common watercolor mistakes, then it’s great !
      I hope that you will enjoy my future paintings and videos !!
      Hope to see you soon 🙂 !!
      I’m Cambodian, wow you really have sharp knowledge about the differences between Southeast Asian countries!!

      • Hi Remy, thanks for your nice reply and the compliments. I look forward to learning from you and checking out your free masterclass – hooray and thank you for making that available for us. I left out the most important part of my initial comment: your paintings/work are lovely! 😉

        And yes, I’ve spent quite a bit of time in SE Asia since 2005 and have been around a large part of Cambodia (Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Battambong, Pursat, Otres Beach, Kampot, Kep, and a few shorter day trips outside PP). I’m guessing you might not even have been there yourself if you were born/raised in France by parents who fled the Khmer Rouge. I always feel bad when I start chatting enthusiastically about someone’s native land and he hasn’t seen it for himself. It’s an amazing country and I have many fond memories. I wish I had a blog/website to point you toward for writings/photos but I don’t. Alas, we will connect via art.

        Be well and hope to stay in touch. Enchante! Molly

        • Hi Molly !
          Oh that’s great for the masterclass. This is the first time I create a “watercolor course” so your feedback would be goldmine for me 🙂
          Thanks for your comment about my paintings. I really feel joy when people are creating their own stories when they see my paintings. It’s as if my paintings is a trigger for people to dig deep into their memories and their feelings.
          I think this is the real reason why I paint !!
          As you guessed, I have never been in Cambodia because my parents fled from this country in 1975. My mum grew up in Phnom Penh while my father was born in Siem Reap.
          I know Cambodian of my age who went there for the first time and they were shocked when they saw by themselves all the locations where terrible things happened…
          I don’t know. Maybe one day I will have the courage to go there…
          Meanwhile, as you said, art is also a strong connector.
          I’m glad I met you. I am really happy that you are part of my artistic journey.
          Anyway, as you subscribed to my masterclass, you will hear from me through my newsletter !
          Now I realize that this painting journey is much more than an artistic experience.
          It makes me look at myself, at my origins and it forces me to face my own fear as a human being.
          Thanks Molly, really.

          • Hi Remy, your words really touched me; I had tears in my eyes as I read those last few lines. Wow, just wow. I appreciate you being so vulnerable with me; that is a connection I crave more of these days from people, and I don’t often find it. Thank you! Merci beaucoup. J’espere que vous puissiez comprendre mon anglais. 😉 Cambodia is a beautiful country but it is difficult to see places like the Killing Fields and such. We didn’t go there on our first trip but we did go there and several other difficult places when we came back for a 2nd or 3rd visit. It’s important to see these places in person to better understand and respect the culture and hardship of the people. I have so much love for your native homeland, and admire people like your parents who have endured and fought to have a better life for themselves and their children. I wish more people in my country (and elsewhere) understood the plight of the immigrant. We should be more welcoming of people looking for safety and support.

            I look forward to connecting with you further and reading your newsletter. I forgot to mention: J’habitais a Paris pour 8 mois en 1990-1991. J’etais une femme de menage pour deux Americains dans le 7eme. Ou habitez-vous? Keep on doing art and looking for inspiration, especially during this difficult time. Sending big hugs your way! Molly

          • Hi Molly,
            As you said, I admire my parents who fought bravely and overcame their deepest fears to get a better life in France, especially for their children…
            I’m so proud to be their son.

            Some people criticize France a lot, but from my point of view, this country gave me the possibility to have a happy life with no war and no blood bath. I am quite grateful for that.

            Don’t worry, I understand your English very well! Actually, I decided to create my Youtube Channel in English to practice this language a bit more!

            Wow you lived in Paris ! I was 7-8 years old in 1990-1991! Now I lived in the North West suburb of Paris, in a small town called Achères., département 78.

            Thanks again for your comment, let’s connect through my newsletter, I intend to send one every Sunday !


    • Oh my God! Thank you for reminding me Iam not alone. Ha! I see myself here and you know what the more I learn the skills and then set them aside to paint my ideas…that’s when the magic happens. The truth is we fail becuse we try to paint like “them” How can we if by our own nature paint like us. All of these paintings are beautiful!

      • Hello Mireya ! Thanks a lot for your comment. Indeed each of us is a unique artist!
        I hope that you will enjoy my next videos and paintings as well!

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