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    many are fearful of new materials. When YUPO paper first came out I received some samples in an order from Dick Blick…I was teaching art at a local high school at the time. Back to YUPO…I had no idea how it worked so invented my own methods. I love the flow with colors that do not sink into the paper. It is very versatile ..not only watercolor, but acrylic, oils, inks, the list is too long to write them all. My students loved the freedom. An added plus is…if the painting does not work just wash it off and begin another one. I did find that I needed to spray a sealant on the inks.

    • Hi Mel. Never heard of Yupo before. Is that brand or a type of paper? What brand of Yupo did you purchase?

      • YUPo paper is made in Japan. It is slick like plastic. Watercolor can not soak into the surface so the water has to evaporate out. The paint is then adhered to the surface. I found I needed a sealant so use a clear gloss spray before framing. It does need a mat though. it is difficult to work with at first…just remember you are playing…don’t expect perfect results, and definitely know you are not doing traditional watercolor with this paper…play. I have found YUPO in various thickness in all major art supply stores. I have used the transparent and it does need something behind it just so the painting can be seen. The heavier the better. It is forgiving paper(they should pay me for this you know, I have sold alot of YUPO )…once finished with painting if it is not to your liking just hold it under running water and it goes back to pure white. I love the stuff..however it took me 3 years of play to master it. good luck.

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