• Melanie Brooks replied to the topic Favorite ink and watercolor supplies in the forum Art Supplies You Use 1 week, 3 days ago

    I haven’t met a medium or ink I dislike yet – if it’s being difficult I see it as a challenge. Sometimes it’s just a matter of pairing it with the right paper or substrate. (Currently destroying/experimenting 😆 with a few new journals – one maybe should have been labeled ink journal not watercolor 🤣. Watercolor puddles but the ink absorbs just right. Thinking it was heavy sealed or treated?)

    Most recent favorite technical drawing pens: Super black but, I also really love sketching with a nib & dip ink (usually PH Martin inda or acrylic ink) – the softer fabercastell graphatites (like a 6 or 7 B) with watercolor has been creating a nice effect, too. I like to add charcoal to overline watercolor when it’s too bright or washed out. (Love the grundge feel of it sometimes – like for a rain scene).

    Watercolor: Daniel smith is obvious but, I also like Turner, Holbien, Da Vinci, Van Gough, & Mission Gold (Warning: the Mission Golds WILL stain your brushes but, oooo the rich color)

    I also do Gouache & other Mediums & drawing pencil/pens. 😉

    • I don’t really have favorites, because I like changing things up on a regular basis. That said, I like all the brands you’ve mentioned. I’m of the belief that there aren’t very many art products that are bad. A cheaper product will be more limited, and you’ll be frustrated if you try do all the things a more expensive product can do – that’s why the more expensive is more expensive. But if you find what the cheaper one is good for, you can do miracles. I live almost any medium, and tend to get very absorbed with one, and then abandon it in favor of another. Often what will put me off has nothing to do with the medium itself. For instance, ink – it comes in bottles which take up space and I have little (due to all the other supplies, I have, lol). So even though I like working with ink, I don’t do much with it.

      • Wow! We have so much in common. Truthfully they are all my fav.s & I just switched up what I have out in my tiny space, today. (I have product stashed everywhere I can think to stash 😆) & always happy to try more. I even love those vintage/historic gets (like my thrift store spectra pencils that came from a time just before prisma split with fabercastell- 1/2 oil 1/2 wax base). I LOVE experimenting & seeing what works well together. There’s no lost cause art supply only a challenge to discover. Regarding cheaper supply, I even recently had a ball teaching my 7yo how to use babyoilwith crayola crayons as a blender. (When I was her age, I melted them in the sun to paint with them).. so many possibilities!! (Sure there’s lots of flops but, every one teaches something) what’s your latest kick? In addition to what I mentioned, I’m just discovering Panpastels & I’m curious as to how they will play with my watercolors.

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