• OMGOSH Marisela! I never thought I’d meet another person (outside of Greece) say, “Mocos”😄😁😆 my Mom grew up up with a Greek best friend! What a fun joy to experience today!😆

  • Ps: The scariest thing I’ve seen lately is the news, so Phillipe and you can check out my favorite scaredy cat scary movies: Frankenweenie (Phineas may or may not be into it); Curse of the WereRabbit (Ardman); Boxtrolls; and my all time favorite, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Also not scary but gorgeous: Song of the Sea. I also have…[Read more]

  • OMGOSH, just posted on this on Instagram! Mr. Nellie loved this intrepid little surfing raccoon, as he also enjoys a nice tube too! I loved his expression at finding himself so deep in “the green room”🤙🏼😁

  • Ya all are making me hungry!

  • As I sit, I am with all the family I can be with at one time. We are so grateful for the new normal! I am keeping my eyes wide open to enjoy everything about them!
    I have a question about posting work- how do you photograph green? When I post something painted green, it looks so blah! And not really green! Your colors are appearing vivid and…[Read more]

  • Well Charlie , I can tell you the weather down here can be different! Sometimes at parties it rains beer and pretzels on people my height😆 That’s why I don’t go to the same ol’ parties either. As a person perpetually hemming and rolling sleeves I have to admit a bit of vertical envy growing up😉 That little kitten has a look of wonder, so he…[Read more]

  • Your cranes are beautiful! I just celebrated with my mama crane, her 80th birthday! I still look at her the same way because she still looks at the world and her loved ones with child like wonder. Seeing “it,” is a lifelong venture I never want to be too “mature” for!

  • Every Sunday after Church, as soon as we hit the front door, all the finery got tossed on the bed and we screamed into the kitchen where, my Dad!, was making perfect Bisquick pancakes, with margarine and supermarket “maple” syrup! We didn’t know better, or care! It was the most delicious meal of the week! (Don’t tell my mom! She slaved over the 20…[Read more]

  • Charlie, I swear if you weren’t a 6ft tall, blonde haired, blue eyed boy, a decade (if not two😉) younger, I’d swear we were separated at birth! I guess I remember a few things about school but mostly art and writing. I can tell you a good year from the-umm-others, by who my teachers were and if creativity reigned. Purely “academic” years are lost…[Read more]

  • What a beautiful vignette! Glorious detail and color Charlie, I think you may have enjoyed this one! I especially love little mice stories. My mom told me little mice lived in my ears, so I wouldn’t get water in their house or my ears in the bath. (This explains so much! 🤦‍♀️😁😆)

  • Nellie Nellie commented on the post, Joyride 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    Well, I had one dog that would curl up in the warm laundry…but no good at folding! We haven’t gone far from home, but we can dream about joy riding. When I had a community garden plot, I dreamed about tractors to do my cultivating for me-all 200 square feet! ;-D 😀 I am just loving the color in this piece (as usual!) I have to be more brave!

  • Nellie Nellie commented on the post, Time To Work Out 1 month ago

    Adorable hammies! Definitely a healthy snack and enough to share! I like the long walk in the same couple of circles, but my mind and heart work out painting and doodling are great meditation! PS I am getting rid of my “cast-away-do” on Saturday!

  • Charlie I’m so grateful you remind us: F-U-N, fun, the whole point of creativity! I love your penguins because I think they have fun personalities like all your critters. Their stories are forming in front of us. Especially during these times when lots of stories are not fun-at all-I need to be reminded of just living and enjoying it! Thank you…[Read more]

  • Nellie Nellie commented on the post, In The Weeds 1 month ago

    Charlie this fox reminds me of late 60s-early 70s art. I think it’s simply perfect! I had a genius art teacher that taught me the significance of line drawing. I’m just learning water color (if you don’t count K-6)
    and I love them together. When I’ve been seeking out my hidden treasures of illustration, I realize how much of my childhood art…[Read more]

  • Nellie Nellie commented on the post, Hide And Seek 1 month ago

    Oddly enough,in this odd bit of time, I have been seeking some hidden treasures in old series (The Saint, Peanuts) and my children’s book collection. I was inspired to art because of that rich history of illustration and literature. I love the backgrounds in “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.” I’m just old enough for some treasures to be…[Read more]

  • Just be very quiet and stand behind something sturdy😆 my friend from Idaho showed me babies and mama moose in her neighbors yard-they are such mooses! Gigantic. And yes so lovely in their moosiness!

  • Another Charles! What a genius! I love light in art, (I will keep trying) and your work is filled with it. A worthy obsession! Thank you for sharing your creations, thoughts and journey, great inspiration for me and so many! Safe travels!

  • Charlie when I was little, I had my own language (as attested by my mom) and although I loved my tiny grey elephant I dragged about by an ear, I could not say elephant. I called him “Phuntan.” Even though we are both several decades past that mispronunciation, we still call em like see em! 🐘

  • Sandra, such a nice review! They looked like a lot of fun! What are your thoughts on refilling such a nice size travel palette. Are those almost full pan size?
    Your rhino is an icon! If a rhino can be lovely, this one is! Thanks for all the work that went into all that fun!

  • Charlie I’ve spent all my adult life in the school of hugs! I’m not especially a hugger even so and during flu season I say, “I love you from afar!”, several times a week. However, seeing your separated bunnies made me well up😥 Ok, I’m just gonna say it, I miss hugging my loved ones-and even the odd stranger at this point! I hope and pray we all…[Read more]

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