• Hope you and Phillipe had a glorious time celebrating and searching the starry skies! We had friends out for a few days last Summer and we did indeed see a UFO, AND it was the same weekend Area 51 had that huge group of people camp out and have a mini festival outside the perimeter! We live between military installments and we couldn’t help but…[Read more]

  • I really love mice and yours are just what I imagined as a very little girl when my mom told me to be very still in the bath. My mother told me mousies lived in my ears and water would ruin their house. The pediatrician told her water in my ears might ruin my hearing, so the battle of the wills was on! And I was the winner! I have very good…[Read more]

  • Maybe our favorite memory of our first Yorkie pup was him standing in the middle of our pizza box, discarded pizza crust in his mouth like a cross bow, and snarling at us as we tried to separate them! 😄😁😆🤣We had the hardest time not laughing as we tried to be stern disciplinarian of our pizza pirating pooch! He didn’t find us as amusing as I…[Read more]

  • Charlie, I drink cacao every morning. Mmmm😋, rich chocolatey goodness with stevia, my collagen, and unsweetened chocolate almond milk. When I see it in print it looks like a horrible potion but its actually packed with antioxidents, calcium, and protein, plus cacao helps me breathe. I only miss the first sniff of morning coffee, even after being…[Read more]

  • As a huge fancier of squirrels, I love the illustration and especially the tale of friends on a squirrely voyage! When I think of some of the hare-raising trips I put my friends through, with me at the wheel of my truck-oi! I’m grateful for the flights of friendship and fancy but they’re probably happy I usually suggest meeting at coffee these…[Read more]

  • Charlie! I’m waiting for that blustery day magic to coalesce and a book to spring forth! My new grand niece is only 6 months old, so we’ve got plenty of time.😉 (That being said, I better get busy with my own huh!👍🏻)

  • This Is my favorite time of year! The best part of Fall is we usually travel in these two months but sadly that will wait till next year. The good news is we live in a place we love most in the fall! Not many leaves change color and you may only need a sweater at night, but the light is spectacular, the sunsets and night skies are at their best!…[Read more]

  • Your apothe-kitty has a great little smirky little smile-a secret keeper! You have time to watch ‘Frankenweenie’, just put your hand over Phineas’ eyes when Vincent hits the baseball out of the park! Phillipe can handle ‘Boxtrolls’ and ‘The Curse io the Were-Rabbit'(Wallace and Grommit). I bet you’ve seen it and it isn’t over the top but ‘Kubo’…[Read more]

  • It’s been a busy morning and I had an extensive comment, I had to answer something and viola’-it’s gone! If it was in pen, pencil or crayon it would still be here! I loved all the responses to this painting, and it is quite endearing to this community hearing their love of an old desk. Indeed I can echo that love of our communal history. I…[Read more]

  • I can just imagine his little soft puppy jowls, smiling the puppy smile, mumbling “get off my fence you.. ” I loved watching my Yorkies dream puppy dreams and chase dream kitties that would have diced them like spam if they caught them in real life. Despite our best efforts and three dog beds stationed all over the house they eventually both ended…[Read more]

  • Well, I’m trying not to feel a bit sad- we would be in Portugal or Spain right now if our plans were fulfilled for 2020 but I am grateful we’re all well and healthy, safe in our home too. I suppose we are hopeful for next year’s plans but I can say 2020 has made us nothing if not flexible. Really, I’d be perfectly happy with puppies. Maybe…[Read more]

  • My sweet friend Verna loved her monarchs and her son and I see them every day and think of her! Oh, and Charlie, Marmite (ewww) but Vegamite (yummm)😋 and yes, picked it up in Australia. I hate to say it but bread, butter, cheese and____(fill in the blank). But I would give it a try if you ever get a chance. 😉

  • OMGOSH Marisela! I never thought I’d meet another person (outside of Greece) say, “Mocos”😄😁😆 my Mom grew up up with a Greek best friend! What a fun joy to experience today!😆

  • Ps: The scariest thing I’ve seen lately is the news, so Phillipe and you can check out my favorite scaredy cat scary movies: Frankenweenie (Phineas may or may not be into it); Curse of the WereRabbit (Ardman); Boxtrolls; and my all time favorite, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Also not scary but gorgeous: Song of the Sea. I also have…[Read more]

  • OMGOSH, just posted on this on Instagram! Mr. Nellie loved this intrepid little surfing raccoon, as he also enjoys a nice tube too! I loved his expression at finding himself so deep in “the green room”🤙🏼😁

  • Nellie Nellie commented on the post, A Few Grapes 4 weeks ago

    Ya all are making me hungry!

  • Nellie Nellie commented on the post, Eye On The Ball 1 month ago

    As I sit, I am with all the family I can be with at one time. We are so grateful for the new normal! I am keeping my eyes wide open to enjoy everything about them!
    I have a question about posting work- how do you photograph green? When I post something painted green, it looks so blah! And not really green! Your colors are appearing vivid and…[Read more]

  • Well Charlie , I can tell you the weather down here can be different! Sometimes at parties it rains beer and pretzels on people my height😆 That’s why I don’t go to the same ol’ parties either. As a person perpetually hemming and rolling sleeves I have to admit a bit of vertical envy growing up😉 That little kitten has a look of wonder, so he…[Read more]

  • Your cranes are beautiful! I just celebrated with my mama crane, her 80th birthday! I still look at her the same way because she still looks at the world and her loved ones with child like wonder. Seeing “it,” is a lifelong venture I never want to be too “mature” for!

  • Every Sunday after Church, as soon as we hit the front door, all the finery got tossed on the bed and we screamed into the kitchen where, my Dad!, was making perfect Bisquick pancakes, with margarine and supermarket “maple” syrup! We didn’t know better, or care! It was the most delicious meal of the week! (Don’t tell my mom! She slaved over the 20…[Read more]

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