• Pat Boglio posted an update 3 years, 12 months ago

    Hi, I”m new to social media. How do I post my watercolors for the July 2018 World Watercolor Month?

    • Hi Pat, Where you put your question into this news feed is the same place I use to put my artwork. The same place where it asks “what’s new Pat”…There’s a square icon that has a mountain looking image and a round image that could be a sun or a moon in that square icon. That’s where you click on it to the square icon changes color and there will be another on the left side of the page that will allow you to upload your watercolors into the news feed. That’s the way I do it. Then you’d put the hashtag #worldwatercolormonth in the description of your watercolor. Use that hashtag everywhere you post your work. I hope I didn’t confuse you and hope it helped.

      • In addition to what Linda said. To learn to use this site, go to Community, Art Forums, The Clubhouse and How to Use the Site. There are all sorts of features to play with when you are ready. Looking forward to seeing your art, Pat!

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