• Quinn Piper posted an update 1 month ago

    Is anyone else having trouble loading images? Every time I try to post an image lately, it starts to load, the progress bar indicates about halfway, then I get a message saying only jpgs, pngs, etc., can be used. My files are all jpgs. I’ve tried loading smaller files, under a Mb, but had the same experience. I’ve tried loading on both my own page and from the community page. ???

    • I’ve not had a problem.

    • I’ve had the problem, but when I reduced the size and renamed it, the smaller .jpg loaded without a problem.

      • I will try renaming next time. How small do you make your files?

        • To be truthful, I’m not sure of the size. I usually reduce it by 25% percent. Occasionally, I need to go smaller yet, but that’s only happened a couple of times. Do you scan? I usually scan at 600 dpi, and if the painting is large, I do one at 300 dpi too, so I’ll have a smaller file.

          • No, I use a camera. The original files are quite large, so I save a copy in a greatly reduced jpg format for posting on twitter and/or here.

    • I’ve not had that problem. I take pictures with my android, save it, edit and then post it.

    • Sorry to hear you’re having a problem Quinn… the system resizes images, but yeah, if they’re too large that could create an issue if there’s a lot of traffic at the moment. And yeah, renaming could help, as once the image gets loading it’s then placed into a server so it loads a bit faster. The name stays there and so the only way to replace it is to rename it. 😉

      • MY connection is not super-fast either – I live in the woods – so that’s why I thought I’d ask, in case the problem is entirely at my end 😉 I’ll try renaming a smaller fie and see what happens. Thanks for the replies. everyone!

        • Well, I made a small file even smaller, and changed it’s name, and it POSTED! Huzzah! Thanks for the help, everyone 🙂

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