• Robin Gookins posted an update 4 years, 7 months ago

    @doodlewash Hi Charlie, I have been trying all day to post a picture but it doesn’t happen. I am on Chrome. Also, I tried to update the title of another picture already posted, and now it has disappeared. I don’t know what is happening.

    • Hi! It is the same here – I cannot upload a photo too. I’m using both Chrome (61.0.3163) and Firefox (56.0.2). I’m getting +1 point every time when trying to upload a photo, which is fine but there’s no results of doing such an upload (no posts). Thanks for looking at the problem.

      • Sorry you have the same problem but I feel better now that I know it probably is not my laptop causing the problem. I posted a picture yesterday with no problems. Maybe Charlie will tell us what is going on.

    • In Charlie’s Doodlewash adventure ‘Some Green Beans’ he explained that he’s not sure why this is happening and that he’s looking into it. He’s also got the plugin developers looking into the problem, so he’s asking for patience until the problem is resolved.

      • Sandra, thank for the info!😎

      • I had a lot of pictures posted and now they are all gone except for one I posted last summer. I don’t feel like participating for the rest of the month. My husband is an IT guy. I wish he could fix it but he has his own job.

        • My pictures disappeared and came back, so don’t despair quite yet. When I went to your wall ( and looked, I could see 17 paintings, so yours may only have been gone for a short while, too. I suspect the developers were doing something and it took some of the photos offline for a while. Charlie warned that things might get wonky while the problem was being investigated.

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