• Sandee Setliff posted an update in the group Group logo of Art SuppliesArt Supplies 5 years, 1 month ago

    So, anyone want to talk about what they are using for #WorldWatercolorGroup month? Anyone trying anything new or going with your tried and true supplies?

    • I will be using all my watercolor palettes (sennelier, white knights and my 2 Jane Davenport palettes) as well as a hand-made (not by me) watercolor paper journal that I bought last year and hadn’t used yet.

      • I love the idea of making my own journal out of watercolor paper but I haven’t gotten around to doing it yet #Procrastinator How do you like the Jane Davenport palettes? I’m thinking of adding her Peerless colors to my collection.

    • I’ve got a 12 half pan metal paint box. It came with student grade watercolor paint, and after experimenting with it, I replaced the most useless colors with M Graham’s landscape set. That got me a couple classic earth pigments, a useful blue and a green and violet. After I experimented with those, I added an earth red. I can get good skin tones this way, and everything where I thought I might need brighter colors has turned out fine.
      I don’t know that the M Graham are anything special. They’re about the cheapest artist grade paint I can get locally. And I’d probably be as happy with almost any set of paints based around an earth red, earth yellow, earth brown/orange and a granulating blue.

      • I’m just fascinated with M. Grahams as they are made with blackberry honey..not just any honey, but blackberry honey. lol

        • Yeah, I haven’t really worked out if it makes a difference, and I can’t really tell the difference with most honey when I eat it.
          As a kid I found that most tube paint dried out much faster than I could use it. So far, the M Graham does better on that front. But I haven’t tried any brands that are supposed to set up better, because in my climate the M Graham sets up fine. And it seems like most artists buy their paint at least partly based on price… other stuff only comes into play if the cheapest option doesn’t work.

        • the idea of blackberry honey.. (drool worthy) I should eat before i come online to comment and paint!!! LOL

    • although I havent been posting daily as intended.. here or instagram, I have been playing with Jane Davenports and my totally bargain Pelikan (bc I like the bright colors in it) I have been playing around with brushes, water brushes, round brushes big 12 or larger.. and small…..I even pulled out my wc pencils and neocolor iis.. i think i am playing with a lil bit of everything.. 🙂

      • JD has a line of Peerless watercolors, I’ve thought about getting them…and just might. She actually pinned one of JD girls to her board the other day, lol…not all of them though, just that one.

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