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    Zoe the zebra…

    Zoe was a very curious little zebra. In her haste to explore the savanna where she lived with her mother and all the other zebras in her herd, she often managed to trip over her own hooves. Making her a rather clumsy zebra as well as a curious one.

    One day while the herd was approaching their favorite watering hole, a fierce thunderstorm unleashed its fury in a booming crash of rain, thunder and more than a few lightning strikes. Causing the herd to all bunch together for protection.

    While it seemed to Zoe like the storm lasted forever, it was actually over in a fairly short time, leaving the savanna smelling all fresh and new. As the herd relaxed and continued on to the watering hole, Zoe was happily skipping in the small puddles left from the storm. After splashing in a rather big puddle Zoe looked up and saw the most amazing thing.

    There was arc of color stretching across the sky. Now Zoe didn’t know it, but she was looking at her first rainbow. Well that warranted a closer look and in a flash she was off.

    She marveled as ran she ran towards it. She was sure it was actually touching the ground not far from the watering hole. Soon enough she was almost there, when wouldn’t you know it, she tripped. She went tumbling head over tail more than once before she slid to a stop.

    Once she picked herself up, she noticed she was on the other side of the rainbow and strangest of all there was an odd shaped hole in the bottom of the rainbow where it touched the ground. As she moved closer to investigate, she happened to look down and saw to her great surprise that her leg stripes were green on one leg and blue on the other.

    Zoe stopped and looked at as much of herself as she could see. All her stripes were different colors. Well now that was just odd. Zoe sat down to give that a bit of thought. She was pretty sure she was white with black stripes just a short while ago, now she looked like that rainbow she was chasing.

    Rainbow! The very rainbow that now had an odd shaped hole in it. Hmmm, an odd shaped hole that upon closer inspection looked a bit Zoe shaped. Well imagine that, Zoe’s curiosity had rendered her ultra colorful and rather pleased with herself.


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    Zoe the zebra… Zoe was a very curious little zebra. In her haste to explore the savanna where

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