• Sandra Strait posted artwork 9 months ago

    My first work on mineral paper. Interesting stuff. A possible review coming up sometime in the future. Mineral Pond-Daniel Smith Watercolor & Uniball Signo on Yatusumo Mineral Paper

    My first work on mineral paper. Interesting stuff. A possible review coming up sometime in the futur
    • Oh wow. This is really nice. Do you have a studio where you sell your work and do paintings on commission?

      • I do most of my work from a recliner, and avoid commissions like the plague, lol! My muse likes to do what she likes to do at any given time, and refuses to perform if she isn’t interested. That said, I might start teaching a class. I’ll have to wait and see how things turn out with Mom. If she doesn’t have surgery, it will probably just be a matter of time. Meanwhile, she’s doing fabulous for now so I just don’t know how things are going to go.

        • So very sorry about your mom Sandra. I am glad you have your art to help you through this sad time. I do hope the surgery goes well. It has truly been a blessing for me after loosing my husband suddenly a short while ago. A recliner, wow. Don’t know that I could do that but sure makes it all seem even more relaxing. I might just give it a try.

          • Oh..Sorry to know about your husband, June. May painting help you to bear this loss.

            • Thank you Anita. I am blessed to have found and be a part of doodlewash. It’s been great meeting kind people like yourself.

    • This is beautiful!! Love it!

    • Wow! That’s stunning, Sandra! I really love this one! 😍 (I’m not even sure what mineral paper is! hehe😊)

      • Thank you, Charlie! It’s paper made from calcium carbonate instead of wood fiber or cotton. While the paint is wet, you can completely wipe it off the page and start fresh.

        • Sandra, is that the same as YUPO? Very tricky stuff to work on.

          • It is similar in some ways, but not as tricky as Yupo. It is easier to paint more than one layer, and once paint dries it isn’t as easy to remove. The paint doesn’t bead up as much. There are several brands of ‘stone’ paper out there, and I’m not sure if they are all the same. Probably not. .

    • Mineral paper..?? Oh..Ok..I am waiting to read your review..This one is so colorful, Sandra !

    • Wow!! That’s so beautiful.. Learnt something new today 😀

    • WOW! Soooo beautiful! I wish some day I will paint like this!

    • This is simply mesmerising, Sandra!
      Oh.. to learn such art from you🙄

    • Thank you, TJ!

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