• Sandra Strait and Profile picture of Isabel PatchettIsabel Patchett are now friends 2 years, 7 months ago

    • Hello Sandra, I do apologise for not writing to you before now . I am happy to be your buddy here but I have to tell you now that I am a full time carer and do not get much time to paint or write these days but I can tell you that the thing that gets me through my days/life is art , websites like this one and people like you. I love your dogs they are beautiful I wish I could paint like you. I do believe that you can always put your dogs as your favourite I know I would. My husband has been totally blind almost all of his life so we have always had a guide dog in our family and we loved them so much. Our last beautiful boy died a couple of years ago now and we still miss him so much. My husband is unable to have another one as sadly he now has Alzheimers and vascular dementia .YILA was his last dog he was a black labrador Retriever, such a clever boy and so loveable. He was guide dog #7 and sadly he only lived to be 12y.o. . Why am telling you this story Sandra is to let you know that I will follow you and do my bet to write but please forgive me if I am not very regular. my days are very busy taking care of my husband and unfortunately I have a disability of my own so life is not the easiest but it is good in lots of ways. Take care and keep up sketching, drawing and painting your beautiful dogs. Isabel

      • Thank you for your lovely compliments, Isabel. I totally understand how much time it takes, caring for someone else. My mother has Crohn’s and takes spells where I spend most of my time taking care of her. I’m fortunate that this only happens on occasion, but it’s enough that I’m in awe of someone like yourself that does it full time. I had two mastiffs that were my pride and joy. They’ve been gone close to 10 years now and I still mourn them. They truly become part of the family. Thank you for wiriting. Even if you don’t write often, I’ll know you are here as often as you can be. I’m glad my art gives you some joy.

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