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Saswati Misra


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August 14

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I am Saswati Chakraborty from Kolkata, the city of Joy (India). I love to paint and I mainly work in pure watercolors. You can follow me in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I am addicted to painting because I feel painting is the best way to relax and express yourself. I mainly work with watercolors but I do paint in acrylics, watercolor pencils and ink too. I am more at ease with watercolors because I think, watercolors are the most dynamic and versatile medium among all. I am a self-taught artist, painting now almost for 6 years. During these 6 years, I have disciplined myself through the fundamental courses of watercolor from various online sources. There are still many things to explore and I am constantly learning every day. I think art and painting is the most exciting thing in my career, where I came from a scientific background and Art was my childhood passion. With a scientific bent of mind, I was attracted to nature's flora and fauna. I love botanical works and landscapes too. Though these two are completely different genres, where botanical painting or illustrations are very specific while landscape is a more wide concept. However I feel, I am attracted to these two subjects very much. I love to paint flowers because they are beautiful and colorful. Landscapes have the nature's bounty in them. For me, art is a dedication, where I strictly follow, the three step approach, planning, research and execution. I believe there is no shortcuts to success. For a good professional painting, a right planning and execution is necessary. I have learnt throughout my tenure of 6 years that with sincerity and perseverance along with the right knowledge, success is bound to come.

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