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    Hey there! Just letting you know that a spammer snuck in briefly, but has been blocked. So, please disregard any message from "precious" you may have received. Also, just a friendly reminder that if you ever receive a message that looks odd, or someone you don't know is asking to be contacted by email, please just let me know! And I can make sure they're blocked from our wonderful community. Thanks! Charlie O.
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    Coconut, maybe with mint icecream?
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    Painted this watercolour card for my husband’s birthday. We both love wildlife and have taken to watching YouTube live webcams of racoons and possums... this makes me laugh #doodlewashApril2020 #World Watercolor Group #Sketchbookrevival2020
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    "Put The Lime In The Coconut"
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    JoJo & Mom
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    Day of 1 and 4 of the @doodlewashed March Challenge Tulips and Chipmunk @artbyjodiathome
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