• Shar Kennett posted artwork 1 year, 4 months ago

    Took a break from the daily prompts to finish this portrait of my cousin Seden. Learned quite a bit from this one including the reminder to start off with a darker wash. If anything, her face in the Reference photo is redder from the reflected sunlight. 20180518_181324

    Took a break from the daily prompts to finish this portrait of my cousin Seden. Learned quite a bit
    • This is amazing! I love the way you did her hair!

      • Thank you Sandra. There is much I both like and dislike about the hair! But I am glad I managed to get the different colors in there. Since I am very “concrete” it is hard for me to let go of the original photo ref. So I have to keep reminding myself, it does Not have to be the same. : )

    • Gorgeous portrait Shar!

      • Thank you Julia. I hope she likes it and gives me permission to paint more of her photos; she is so photogenic! Glad her husband likes it.

    • Thank you Rod! Nothing was scratched. I used masking fluid, some to save the white of the paper, and some to save the lightest of the original yellow gold I laid down as a wash – I thought the latter was very clever of me. ; ) But my Pebeo drawing gum pen has not been working since I lost its cap (!) and the Fineline Resist Pen I am unable to use without first leaving a blob at the beginning of a line…have to practice more. Just realizing I could start “drawing” with it on a piece of paper placed adjacent to the spot to be drawn on the painting .It took me forever to “fix” the strands of hair to try to make them finer and to eliminate some of the blobs. Thought I had ruined the painting. I bought a special fountain type pen on which one can change the width of the tip, dip in the resist, and draw. Now ask me if I know where I placed it! : )

      • Another inexpensive tool for using masking fluid it to cut small branches from trees. The size can vary. Bonus= no cleaning after.

    • Looking forward to that. Yes, the sparkles of light off glass within the sand. Still have yet to use the toothbrush flicking method.

    • This is fantastic, Shar! Love it!!

      • Thank you Charlie! And my cousin loved it too! I have permission to paint any of her photos and the photos she herself has taken. Am painting one of them right now.

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