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    • Welcome to Doodlewash, Carole!

      • Thank you so much, Sandra. I really enjoyed reading and seeing your little illustrated wombat story. I am in the process of composing a children’s illustrated poem book. I wrote the poems and have asked my talented little grandson to illustrate it for me because I want the illustrations to look “childlike”. However, if he doesn’t want to do it, I may do it myself. I have never done this before and neither has he and so we are both complete “newbees” at this and any help or suggestions you can give us would be so appreciated. Thanks again for the friendship request too. Carole

        • Are you planning to publish or just print something out for fun? I’ve never published so I wouldn’t be of help there.

          • Hi Sandra! I want to just print something (the book) first and then decide if I want to publish it.

            • Did you see Diggory in the tutorial I wrote here? It has a lot of suggestions for getting started. Feel free to ask if you have questions – I won’t know all the answers, but I’ll help where I can.

    • My name is Rejoice Henderson please contact me at ( ) i have something very important i want to discuss with you through email address oky. Thank’s

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