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    So I am full of questions today. You have been warned lol!!!! Okay So I am thinking I want a tube of white paint to get better accents and I find something called gouache. So do others use this instead of white paint or is it white paint? I am also intrigued with doing some Asian calligraphy as I got a book on it for my birthday. Anyone ever use the papers (Chinese or Japanese) and any input on this? any suggestions for white watercolors would be appreciated too. 🙂

    • Gouache is a form of watercolor but the pigment isn’t ground as fine. This means it is more opaque than non-gouache watercolor and when a painting dries it has a different texture. Some people use white gouache for tiny highlights. It also tends to be more expensive than watercolors. There are also ‘acrylic’ gouache paints that are acrylic and won’t rewet so be sure you know which you have. You can find white watercolor, especially in pan paint sets. It’s fairly useless except for mixing lighter colors, but such colors will be more dull and opaque (though not as opaque as gouache). You know now absolutely everything that I know on the subject, lol.

      • What Sandra said, plus I have heard of but not tried something called a “Posca Paint pen” which I believe is white acrylic paint – the benefit of it being you can evidently paint over it. But I thought acrylic was plastic more or less, so it seems that watercolour wouldn’t stick to it. But as I say, I have not tried it. (I try to research a bit before I buy art supplies so I can hopefully make better choices.) Please let us know what you try, Lisa Ann, and what you think of it.

        • Ya I know a lot of people who use the posca paint pens Cynthia they look interesting to play with I have them on my must try list lol. What I have done for highlights at this point is leave blank spots or use gel pens lol Yes, I would be happy to let you know what I decided to do and how it turns out. 🙂

      • Thanks Sandra, Ya, I do have pan watercolors and have not been impressed with the white lol. So I figured I needed other options. Thanks for the input it is much appreciated. 🙂

    • Well Sandra told you what I know too, except that I found that Turner’s Acrylic Gouache still lifted, which shocked me. lol

      I DO have and mainly use Winsor & Newton’s White Gouache for mixing and highlights as well as fixing some booboos. I use Daniel Smith White Watercolour Ground for fixing booboos too and the occasional white highlight. I also use Sakura White Gelly Roll pen for spot lights.

      All of those (perhaps not Turners ?) are archival so I’m confident they will maintain those mixtures or highlights.

      That’s the extent of my knowledge. I will attach my Yellow Rose work in process where I’ve used the Winsor & Newton White Gouache so you can see how nice it plays.

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