• Lisa Ann Ulibarri posted artwork 1 week, 3 days ago

    I collected some leaves from my garden today to make leaf prints.
    The blue ones to the far left are from my Mexican hat flowers. They are a rather unique looking flower. I am sure they will end up in my art sometime.
    The ones to the direct right of it are clovers My birth dad was rather good at finding 4 leaf clovers and I found some a couple of times myself.
    In the middle top the deep orangeish leaf is from my sunflowers. I have expressed my love for sunflowers before. I love all flowers that have that basic shape, including daisies. I tend to call them all daisies btw lol; a Lisa quirk.
    The red leaf right against it is an apple tree leaf. I have two new baby trees cannot wait for them to both be full of fruits. 🙂
    The ruffley looking leaf below that one my gramma used to call malvas. it is an herb that will draw out infections.
    The two leafs directly above it to the right slightly are mint leaves. I love to have all sorts of varieties of mint in my life. Good for tea or for garnishes in some foods and good for the tummy too.
    Below that are two rose leaves. One is rather faded. I am definitely a stop and smell the flowers type of gal in the wild or even in the store.
    The long mossy green one is from my yarrow plant. Also a good herb for many different things with lots of bouquet bunches of flowers 🙂
    Below it the tiny purple leaf is from my lavender plant. Not only does it smell fabulous it’s good to relax.
    And the big long orange leaf is from the peach tree. The other baby tree I mentioned. 🙂

    I collected some leaves from my garden today to make leaf prints. The blue ones to the far left are

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