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    Hello all – I’m Sue & I’m new … okay a bit wrinkly but new here anyway.
    I have a question about watercolor paints; the high end, cost as much as some cars* types of paints.
    I am attempting to get sample dot cards from manufacturers; but having no luck other than spending limited art-cash on just trying it out. I don’t know a single watercolorist near me with better quality paints (sorry, that sounds elitist?!?) to “trade dots” with.
    IS swapping homemade dot cards of watercolor paints done here? Is it allowed? Am I crazy? (nvm, I am.)
    I have 3 or 4 ‘better’ quality brands : Marie’s, Jacksons (though I think there are two brands by that name & I have the cheap one), Grumbacher (3 greys & Thio violet), and possibly dots from the blocks in my W&N Cotman set? – there is another ‘better’ brand in my palette, that box of tubes seems to have grown legs?).
    So – as my own liking of my work increases I want to sample the best out there and start saving to get it.
    I known some folks have YouTube channels, get free items to review & use (we have a channel, but life is interrupting that broadcast, lol) ….
    My 2nd question is this … what is the best way to try new paints with out spending so much on dot cards that you could of gambled and just bought everything by one brand, untried ???

    Thank you everyone, I have a busy day – since it is obviously time to clean my studio up, as soon as I find it — thank you for any advice … and if you made it this far reading AND managed to understand me, kudos, you are rare 😉 Have a great day all –
    * the car!!! If you live in NY or New England (US), and have heard of ‘winter rats’ – you will understand the type of car I meant. Don’t knock it – I had a $50 Chevy Cavalier for 6 yrs and never cared when someone skidded into me on icy roads, my nice car was home.

    I’ll drop back by here every now and then to look if there are replies, thanks again, and btw – nice place y’all got here!

    • Welcome Sue! I’m glad you found us and look forward to hearing more about your watercolour experiences.

      I have some Dot Cards and really like them for exploring the variety of WC brands. I can’t imagine there would be any better or less expensive way to experience those paints.

      I don’t want to get this group involved in an dot card swap, but there is an Art Supply Swap in our Community main Forums section and I’m expect you will find some interest there. 🙂

    • Sue, we have DO points here for participating on Doodlewash, and right now there are Da Vinci dot cards available for DO points located in the shop. You earn the points by liking, commenting, posting, etc. It may take a little time, but it won’t break the bank. There are also reviews on different types of paints (see Forums) that may interest you. Hope this helps. Welcome!

      • Lol, sorry, I had actually ordered the DaVinci dot cards directly from DaVinci just the day before ‘discovering’ Doodlewash! I have the most marvelous timing 😉
        And reviews, oh I watch tons of reviews, take notes, compare same paints with different artists and the styles and how they use it … yeah, I take research a tad too seriously .
        And, yes, you did help – I still have more forums to see and art to appreciate as well – there is so much here I already had to give myself a time limit which happens to be before dawn here in NY. So off I go to see the reviews here ….. and figure out how to word my post in the Art Sway forum 🙂
        Have a great day Susan and thank you

    • Sue, if you have the time to spend online, you might want to start entering lots of giveaways. I follow several companies on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and watch them for giveaways. I then post links to these three times a week so you wouldn’t even have to spend all that much time looking. You might think ‘Nah, I never win, but the more you enter, the more you will. It’s hit or miss, but I’ve won tons of stuff doing this.

      • Thank you Sandra – I could use my luck with winning things in some other areas of life – but I do get on kicks where I enter contests or point systems (DO points here type stuff). Yesterday, 10 days after joining a book group – GoRead – I recieved ‘Coloring with your Octopus’ book I want for ideas with my cephlopods drawings … naturally my daughters both want to color in it – are they crazy? lol I got ARC books by the dozens for a couple years as I did editing and reviews for authors –
        …so it looks like I’d best apply those skills to getting some prize-won supplies,
        Thank you. Mind if I find you on social media – or do you post the links here on doodlewash?

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