• SMZ commented on the post, Learning To Play 6 months, 1 week ago

    Charlie says, ” Instead of wondering what would happen if he failed, he would only wonder what would happen when he succeeds.”

    There you go again, maestro!

    As for the kitty, just super!

  • Charlie says, ” I don’t have to be a master to make that next masterpiece.”

    Just for the record, I think you are a master. Even if I didn’t think that, I’d still be bowled over by the wisdom of that statement.
    It is profound in every sense, and something that should be conveyed early on to every living being. Once again…Bravo, Charlie!

  • Charlie says, “Another blissful day to enjoy a few moments with the ones you love most. And hopefully, in the process, make someone smile.”

    I read that and felt myself smiling involuntarily. It is amazing what a positive attitude can do to make the world a better place.
    You day that every day with your posts.

    Love those parrots!!

  • SMZ commented on the post, Magical Moments 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    I love that fox…not sure if Phineas will be jealous or just enamored, but what a joy to see the Northern Lights highlighting such a beautiful creature.

    Charlie says, “Though a new year is rushing my way, I’m happy to just sit and enjoy the rest of this one and these preciously extraordinary magical moments.”


  • Charlie says, ” Even the act of lighting a candle brings me joy. It’s like announcing that the normal evening is over and now it’s time for a bit of magic.”

    I don’t just read that, I feel it…I love the sparkle as the flame stretches and bows…as if it, too, has that Christmas feeling.
    I love the beauty of the greenery and red berries, and…[Read more]

  • Warm and funny and brilliant…

    I’ve read it twice and joy bubbles inside me.

    The whole piece, painting and story are instant classics.
    They bring Christmas to us all, like nothing else I’ve read
    this season.

    I will read it again and again each time my batteries need
    recharged this season. When I am asked why I am so glowy
    I’ll just…[Read more]

  • That little rogue!!

  • My thanks to you!!

  • Charlie says, “I like to give them that “come hither” look as though they are perfectly aware that they’re rather sexy and exotic.”

    Before I even read the above statement, as soon as I saw that lovely macaw my exact thought was, that macaw is a rogue. It knows it has pizazz. That over the shoulder
    pose and those eyes, not to mention the vivid…[Read more]

  • Charlie,

    First of all I’m logged in under an old login. It’s me. : )

    Your posts always have a double wow factor and that is true of this one too.

    Charlie says, “…long as the idea is brought to life, it feels like a win.”

    Not just a statement of art but also a statement of life. It is a great truism.

    I love the painting too. It takes me home!

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    shoot…wrong log in on the above comment. sowwy ’bout that.

  • SMZ commented on the post, A Little Reward 11 months, 3 weeks ago

    Charlie says, “I did actually sample a donut at work recently and it was so sweet my jaw locked. I only had that one bite and moved on. I don’t like sugar when it attempts to become an actual flavor.”

    It was the humor that caught my eye, but then I realized there is wisdom too. That is a winning combination. It’s the kind of stuff that makes t…[Read more]

  • SMZ commented on the post, A Little Indulgence 2 years ago

    “If I can surround myself with amazingly talented people then I myself feel a bit more amazing in the process.”

    I get that totally, but I feel I must add that you are an amazing painter, writer, person, all on you own.

    As for that sundae, I’ve gained a pound just looking at it!

  • “I miss the world where words themselves created images in our minds”

    There is wisdom in those words. In addition, I would add, reading a story on a
    screen is wonderful but holding the book in your hands adds an awesome
    dimension that connects the reader to the author. I love books. A cozy spot
    with a cup of tea and a good book is just about as…[Read more]

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    That baby duck has such personality. I love it! Not only that…
    it promises Spring. BTW I just ordered Mister Snoot.