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  • I get ya with the scooting around thing. I tried to leave my pans loose one time so I could change them out easily, and my brush constantly picked them up and flung them into outer space. Obviously, I didn’t think that idea through very well. 😀 Weight can be a good thing!

  • Really great idea, Sandra! I think these might make the tins rather heavy, but it’s a great solution for the depth of those pans. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jennifer – I leave Master’s in to reshape a misshapen brush. Clean/reshape the brush with it and then leave it in and allow to dry. Just wash it out before you paint! 🙂

  • I’ve used Murphy’s to get dried acrylic out of stiff boar’s hair (I think that’s the hair) house paint brushes, but there’s no way I’d use that on my watercolor brushes. Maybe some oil and acrylic painters use it? I think it would be deadly for soft natural hair like sable or squirrel and possibly deteriorate some softer synthetic bristles also.

  • Sandra, back to the topic at hand… I got very excited because I saw that DV has Perylene Green listed in their print color chart, but when I look online, it’s not there anymore. So sad because the cost of this one is rather high, and after discovering the great performance and value of DV, it is hard to pay more. Thanks again for your review!

  • Just telling the truth about my high opinion of your opinion. 😊💕

  • Oh it might work well for that! I hope so and yes, fingers crossed! When you have a chance to break it out, let me know what you think. I always love to hear others opinions about a product, especially when I know that certain someone is brilliant. 😉💖

  • Have you tried the Green Umber yet? I was rather disappointed in it. It doesn’t showcase the greenish cast that Schmincke claims that it has… or at least I can’t see it and I think I have a fairly sharp eye for color. Also, my initial swatches painted out very light and transparent – rather washy. I paint a lot of landscapes and nature scenes…[Read more]

  • Oops I’m wrong… that color wasn’t in the October set. Sorry for any confusion!

  • Sandra, I’m a very science-ish person (aka nerd) so I’m always reading about why paints/papers/etc do what they do, and I just ran across this on Handprint & thought of our conversation…

    “Paints made with softer pigments (such as ultramarine blue or the cadmiums) or finely divided pigments (such as alizarin crimson, iron blue and the…[Read more]

  • Yes, I do notice that movement more in certain transparent, staining colors like quins & phthalos. That’s interesting that you noticed a difference with the cobalt. I hadn’t picked up on that, but I switched from M Graham to DV. Compared to MG, DV has much less movement. I like a fair amount of flow and blooming (but maybe not as much as…[Read more]

  • Great overview, Sandra. Greatly appreciate your perspective! The more I use DV, the more I love them. Along with American Journey, DV is quickly becoming my go-to brand. DV seems a bit softer and flows more than AJ, which I really like. They may slip up to my #1 spot!

    You mentioned that some colors handled a bit differently than you’re accustomed…[Read more]

  • Sandra & Kate (kate, we’ve already talked about this I know! 🙂 I’ve had problems with Fabriano paper being too delicate. The sheets do the same thing. Never tried their sketchbook format, but I don’t care for what I have tried. (140# & 300#) It is also highly absorbent so color fades a lot. I didn’t move past the few sample sheets that I tried.…[Read more]

  • I think those plastic ferrules are notorious for holding in moisture and paint. I don’t like them, but it’s what you get if you love mop brushes. But your big size 20 doesn’t have that. So odd that you can’t get it clean. Maybe reach out to the company? We’ve been doing that a lot lately. ha!

  • I agree with Sharon! I love big rounds, and that is a smoking hot brush. My largest is a size 16 and I’ve not had any problems cleaning it. I have noticed that all my synthetic brushes are more difficult to clean, which makes no sense because you would think the fibers in natural hair would try to hang onto the paint more. That’s got to be…[Read more]

  • You posted such an interesting question and observation! I’ve only been painting about 2-3 years, and I can tell a huge difference in paints, brushes, papers and brands. But I really test my materials and look for differences, so that may be why I notice it more.

    There really is a big quality difference between most “student” and…[Read more]

  • I’ve had the same problem with M. Graham running out of my pans. When we lived at the coast with crazy nasty humidity, I never had a problem. We moved to the mountains a year ago, and I can’t keep them in my palette here. They pour out like cream soup. I never could figure it out, so I finally had to give them up. So sad, because I love that brand…[Read more]

  • Alrighty last time I’ll post this in the DW forum so I won’t be labeled a spammer… but THIS was the thread I was looking for and never found so I posted this review elsewhere. Anyway, if anyone is curious, my in-depth DV review with some giveaways attached.

    Really ended up loving these paints. I paint a lot so I buy paints in the 37ml…[Read more]

  • @tonya Cute owl, Tonya!

  • Thanks, Jennifer. Just so you know, my Saturn hate is totally a personal preference. I know many who love a good orange. I’m not in that group. (Obviously – lol!) It really does paint out and perform fine. IMO, this is a fine set and good addition to my collection. And I even love the tin. Even though I was a major griper about the preorder and…[Read more]

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