• Tracy Ann DuBose posted artwork 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Title: “Sprinkles Of Magical Pixie Dust” Many moons ago when I was a little girl, my Dad had Magical Pixie Dust. He would say “Tra, close your eyes and when I sprinkle the magical dust on you… you can fly!!!” Sure enough I flew every time. I believed I flew. I’d beg my dad to get the magical dust and sprinkle it on me all the time. My father was quite an eccentric man. 50 year goes by and my dad passes away. My chemo pills made me become functionally blind (dystonia)and could not see. I found a doctor who retrains your brain with neuroplacity. One of his excercises is self hypnosis. Guess what place in time I go to. I’m back with my dad and he sprinkles the magical dust on me. I’m able to see now. Not completely but the Doctor said that painting has become my CPR for my eyes. The more I paint and draw the better I become. I still believe that I can fly and in miracles. All I need is sprinkles of magical dust and faith…. sprinkle of pixie dust

    Title: “Sprinkles Of Magical Pixie Dust” Many moons ago when I was a little girl, my Dad
    • Wow!💕 Thanks for sharing such a heart felt story!🙏 Wish you a happy and healthy life!💐

      • Thank you so much. I don’t really write about my pictures but my Dad played such a major influence in my life. He owned an art store when I was little and was an artist. He was there for me until his last breathe. Thank you for the well wishes. I’ve been staying away from everyone due to being on chemo pills for so many years now. Thank you, again. Stay well

    • Aweeeeeee such a beautiful painting and story. I know a woman used visualization to heal cancer. She would play pacman game and see pacman eating the cancer the drs did not know how she healed but that she did. 🙂

      • I believe it. People have been know to shrink their lumps. I didn’t cure my cancer with it but I could not see for three years. My eyes would slap shut. It’s a rare neurological condition that doctor’s know little about. But painting, self hypnosis, and working with this doctor that retrain your brain has worked wonders for me. I’m glad you liked my story. I hope I can help others that go through this.

    • Wow! That’s an amazing painting and I BELIEVE that it’s truly full of pixie dust!

    • Thank you for sharing your store. How magical, in so many ways. Your painting is absolutely wonderful and I love that you included a picture of you with your dad. So happy to hear that you are healing.

      • Thank you. He was an artist as well. He was my inspiration and my hero <3 I'm glad you enjoyed my life story. It's a lot of hard work and determination but the worst thing was loosing my sight. I am blessed that this is working for me.

    • Wow what a lovely story and your painting is gorgeous!! Thank goodness for healing with painting and fairy dust 🙂

      • Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked the painting and getting a glimpse into my life. <3 Yea, for sprinkles of fairy dust <3 My Dad was the first one to notice something was wrong with my eyes…..

    • I absolutely love this! Truly very special

    • Wonderful! Thank you for sharing such a special story.

    • Just so gorgeous! And such a beautiful story! 😍

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