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    • Welcome to Doodlewash, Vanessa!

    • Welcome to Doodlewash and the Beginners Group!
      We are glad you’re here. I hope you will take a moment to introduce yourself and tell us a little about your watercolour experience. 🙂 We have a variety of informative forums within our group which you can access via the triple bar/+home icon above.

      • Thank you. I like painting very much. I am a beginner. Now I am studying Chinese painting but only study for one year. Watercolor is self-study. I want to challenge daily painting. But I give up every time. I hope to continue this time.

        • Vanessa, I’m sorry for the delay in responding. For some reason, my mobile app did not show me that you had replied and I just discovered it today while on my laptop. Welcome to the world of watercolour! Chinese painting is so lovely and I can see why you are interested in learning it! I hope you will find a resource that not only helps you learn as you self-study, but helps keep your interest to continue with those studies.
          I fiddled around with watercolours in 2015 and then really pushed forward in 2016 but didn’t get very far. I’m a self-taught artist as well and have been embarrassingly slow at figuring out where I wanted to go with my watercolour studies. It has finally settled in early this year and my progress has been much improved. I’m confident enough now in my fine art style and settling in to add the illustrative style I’d like for journaling.
          I’m glad you’re here at Doodlewash and hope you will allow our little Beginners group to help you when needed. Just ask. <3

          • @Yvonne Reeder, Thank you so much. Everybody in this website is very friendly . There are a lot of resources in Beginners group .It is useful. I will study very happy. 🙂

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