• Yvonne Reeder posted an update in the group Group logo of Beginners to WatercolourBeginners to Watercolour 3 years, 9 months ago

    My watercolour sketch is done.

    Winsor & Newton Cotman Tubes
    Sakura Koi Sketch 1/2 Pans

    Strathmore Visual Journal 140# Watercolour Cold Press

    Replica of my Victorian ephemera print.

    Layering with Watercolours is sooooo tricky! I let my layers dry very well in between, but still! 😮 I also am not fond of the pigment build up where I was shading in the deeper tones. So, I will look for solutions to that on my next painting! 😊


    • I didn’t notice anything until you said something, lol. Overall, the painting is beautiful. Looking closely, I think I see what you are talking about. It’s always hard to tell for sure from a computer screen photo, but it looks like you may be getting a hard edge with a staining pigment. This can happen if you outline an area first, and then paint in the rest. The outline dries faster. Once dry, especially if the color is a staining one, like Alizarin Crimson or Quinacridone Rose, it is almost impossible to blend or soften the outline. Another possibility is that you might be getting paper damage. Several reasons for that to occur. You may be layering too soon. Paint may feel dry to the touch, but it isn’t quite. Do you touch the area with the back of your nails (fingers can leave oil, which can make darker spots). If the paper feels slightly cool, it is still damp and not ready for another layer. If you paint over at this time, you won’t get as dark a value, and you may layer again. If you layer too many times into the damp paper it causes damage – an ugly dark line or muddy looking colors. Other causes of damage – if you are scrubbing too hard into the paper, especially while it is damp, then you scuff the paper. In this case, you might try using a lighter touch or a softer brush. If you are using a cheap paper, it will be easier to damage. Your technique might actually be good, but the paper just won’t handle the paint correctly. Hope that gives you some ideas toward pinpointing the problem.

      • Good information

      • Thanks Sandra!

        I quite like the Strathmore 140# sketch book – it’s surprisingly solid and holds itsxwater well on other tests. It’s not like my Stonehenge Aqua which I really love, but then I’m partial as I have been using a Stonehenge paper for my Coloured Pencil work too. 🙂

        I let my work dry overnight which I had thought was adequate drying time – ?

        I am using Princeton Snaps at Charlie’s recommendation – love ❤️ them!! They hold water nicely and disburse Colour well from what I saw. This is my first traditional watercolour piece so it’s hard to know. lol I have done two other pieces with Watercolour Pencils so far as that’s much easier for me. I’m an invalid and do all my art in My bedchair on a laptray. The traditional wc palette I have is a real problem as I’ve no secure place to put it yet so am continually juggling stuff around. It will take trial and error to find a process that works with the supplies and then I will be able to concentrate more on the actual painting techniques. I hope! 😃

    • Beautiful painting. Some shades have more pigment and granulate making areas look darker.

    • Very prettty!

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