For our prompt of “Raisins” today, I decided to doodle a bowl of raisin bran cereal. Though I loved this as a kid along with the little boxes of raisins as a snacks, I don’t really ever have raisins around the house these days. Most of my grape consumption comes in the form of a glass of wine. And I’ve realized while sketching this that raisins themselves are rather odd things and not terribly photogenic. I used to always have cereal for breakfast as a kid and still enjoying healthier versions as an adult. Though now, it’s all fresh fruit, usually in the form of a smoothie. At least that name is rather cute and gives my inner child something to enjoy. But, I’d love it if more adult foods came marketed with adorable characters, particularly if they are the super healthy sort that leaves a bit of flavor and fun behind in the process. Growing old is nothing too alarming, but feeling old is the worst thing I can imagine. I prefer to keep my inner child happy and active whenever I possibly can.

Though I’ve been sketching stuff daily for almost five years now, I still remember everything I’ve ever sketched. I knew that I’d sketched a bowl of raisin bran previously, but couldn’t remember when. As it turns out, it was back in 2015 and just four and half months after I started sketching, and it was nice to see the improvement. Some days, I’m not entirely sure if I’m making progress as I just continue to show up and sketch. But, when I look back, I can see that I’ve come quite a long way on this journey. And this sketch took no time at all, so I’m getting much faster as well. My goal has always been to simply improve little by little and continue my commitment to making art daily. But, I have to admit that it’s also quite rewarding to know that this effort does indeed pay off eventually. Yet, as nostalgic as I get about my childhood, I adored these early days of making art and going back to them makes me feel young and reminds me of how fun this journey has been.

The truth is, we all grow over time, both as people and as artists. Some of us grow up, but others, like myself, refuse to ever really grow up. But, each day is another opportunity to learn a little something new and that makes each day rather amazing. As a kid, literally everything in the world felt new to me and as an adult, I do what I can to make every day still feel that way. Life would be terribly boring if we ever truly felt like we’d experienced all that it had to offer us. I don’t think I’ll ever get to experience all that I’d like to in this life and I think that’s a fabulous thing to consider. Knowing that there’s always something more out there to DO and new ways to learn, study, and play makes me so happy. Though I adore thinking back to things I loved during my childhood, I equally love all of the new things I experience today. Better yet, I’ll get to love the things I’ve not yet discovered even more some day in the future. Yet, looking back does help keep me excited about moving forward, while I take just a moment to relive those memories of cereal.

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Raisin Bran Cereal Bowl And Spoon Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail


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28 thoughts on “Memories Of Cereal

  1. Yeah, it would be nice if the healthy stuff had someone like Popeye, who always encouraged us to eat their spinach … well, some of us. As a kid, I wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot spoon. Discovered I liked it raw in salads, but Popeye never ate it that way. I suppose we’re just too suspicious of marketing people. If they’re selling something as fun, we think there must be a reason they aren’t selling based on its own merits. And we’d probably be right!

  2. I still enjoy a bowl of raisin bran now and then, great post Charlie! I agree that we need to feed our inner child. I’m lucky enough to be married to someone who also connects with his inner child and keeps me laughing. 😉

  3. Nice bowl of Raisin Bran, Charlie! it was always my second favorite bowl of cereal, Frosted Flakes being my very favorite. Of course that was because Frosted Flakes came with a Tiger on the box…or, was it in the box? I am sure that the fact it was loaded with sugar had nothing to do with it being a favorite.🤔🙂🙃

  4. I like raisins and I have a box in the cupboard. But here’s the secret. Raisin oatmeal cookies! I’m happy to snack on plain raisins, but I get very excited about the cookies. I am also a big fan of rum raisin ice cream.

    Our dishwasher broke down and Joe is working on fixing it. It’s 23 years old, so if he can’t fix it in one try we’re going to get a new one. We got a new microwave a while back to replace our 20 year old one. I hate the new onne. The numbers are too small and the glass tray slips off its track too easy. But I may have to live with it until I die. I think after this pandemic has backed off enough that I feel safe going out, I’m going to get a different one. Life’s too short to live with something you hate.

  5. I like this Charlie! Great job on the bowl of that spoon! Looks so real 😁 Your paintings of food, are my favorite. You always seem to get it just right! 👍 And now I’m hungry 🤣

  6. Hello Charlie,

    I can never thank you enough for bringing back one or another beloved childhood memory everyday. Im so glad that you’re so comfortable and confident about letting your inner child shine. Its very reassuring. I so wish I could learn to sketch & paint directly from you! I try painting sometimes but it looks so different from what I had in mind that I get sad. So looking at your sketches makes me happy. 🙂


    1. Aww that’s so wonderful to know, Mugdha! So happy you enjoy my sketches! 😃💕 Yeah, I’m all about accessing my inner child to sketch. That’s why I published my tips as Sketching Stuff Activity Books… hehe… kids just jump in and DO things without fussing over technique or steps. I wanted to replicate that experience!

  7. You even make a boring bowl of cereal look amazing! I love that you shared your early link of the same thing. It is inspiring to see how you have come along over the years. I have a box of my sketchbooks that I like to go through every once in awhile for reassurance and a good laugh. I have improved tremendously and I definitely have gotten faster.

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