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GUEST ARTIST: “Conceptual Watercolor Painting” by Milind Bhanji

Hello Friends, My name is Milind Bhanji and I was born on the 2nd of Feb 1966 in small village in India. I completed my education in Fine Art (Painting) and Graphics from world famous Sir. J. J. School of Art, Mumbai, India in 1990. For the last 25 years, I have been working as a professional artist with watercolor, acrylic and oil media.

Indian aesthetics is Indian art evolved with an emphasis on inducing special spiritual or philosophical states in the audience, or with representing them symbolically. My experimentation and aesthetic experience are conveyed through my paintings. In each painting and landscape a light and shadow applied with a shade similar to nature.

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My watercolor painting style is fluid, transparent, realistic, creating the moods and aesthetic feels to the audience. I developed my own landscape style which is converting landscapes in concept. My brush strokes and favorite colors give experience of stone texture and beauty of shades. I prefer Baohong and Arches watercolor rough paper, Daniel Smith and Rockwell watercolor paints.

My paintings elaborate on Indian culture, human figures, ancient temples, caves and architecture of India. Old Indian temples have their own aesthetic beauty, architecture, stone texture, colors and wonderful sculptures, which I paint in my conceptual paintings.

When I start thinking about painting, I first study and understand objects, atmosphere, space and shapes of spots. For the composition, I refer to and keep painting fundamentals in my work. My watercolor painting embodies vibrant colors, luminosity, and translucency. These three important traits are necessary in order to create beautiful watercolor paintings that are better than average.

In my paintings, perfect drawing, architecture, and composition are strong points. I am starting my work with the light tones overlapping in wet on wet / wet on dry treatment. I also get the benefits of the paper’s rough texture for natural effects. My color scheme focuses on natural colors and shades of light and dark which get depth and harmonious contrast.

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When I compose for my paintings, I focus on the main subject. I use many shapes, colors and textures. I add many new human or animal figures to get a better feel for the subject. When painting exteriors, I use colors that match the atmosphere, the color helps a lot to bring out the right mood in my painting. While painting the exterior, there are many shapes in front, from which I use only the necessary shapes.

A special feature of my painting is that I use space properly so that the subject of the painting rises. Colors and textures that blend with nature are a distinct form of my painting. I have created contrasting colors by painting transparent colors that overlap other colors and create an aesthetic atmosphere in my painting . The use of limited color and color scheme is reflected in my paintings, so the viewer gets a different aesthetic experience from the painting.

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My art usually has a religious character and Buddhism and Hinduism have been a common theme throughout the centuries. Repeating shapes, patterns, and symmetry of objects, crops and compositions that focus the eye and keep the viewers’ attention are key points in my painting. Movement or flow to guide viewers through the art for my audience.

Milind Bhanji
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14 thoughts on “GUEST ARTIST: “Conceptual Watercolor Painting” by Milind Bhanji

  1. Namaste Milindji,

    Greetings from Mumbai! Your paintings are spectacular! Lord Shiva’s Nandi seems to inspire you constantly. You have so many paintings of him, each in a different mood! Are you still based in Mumbai? Do you hold exhibitions??? I would love to come and see your paintings in their actual state.


  2. Milind –

    Your paintings are truly stunning! I’m transported into their beautiful atmosphere. If I lived near I would enjoy seeing them in person. A fan of your work in the USA !
    Thank you for sharing your gift! It inspires me to keep developing my skill in watercolor as I’m just a beginner.


    Allison Marin

  3. Milind your paintings are stunning… and your unique style and natural colors are realy vibrant with light & shade drama. I am inspired. thank you for sharing your art journey with us.

  4. Hello Milind sir,

    Thank you for sharing your art journey, artwork and inspirations with us. Your art is splendid and has power to showcase Indian culture, spirituality of people in India.

    Would love to meet you in person and visit your studio next time when I will be visiting India.

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