Though I totally intended to paint more expected leaves for today’s prompt, the weather is so cold here that I could only think of mint leaves and mojitos. In my mind, I escaped to a far warmer climate, heard the sound of ocean waves crashing nearby, and grabbed for a refreshing drink. Yep, I jumped way past spring and went directly to summer. It’s all a fantasy to be sure, but a lovely one when compared to my current view. The sky is a sheet of gray that has no discernible characteristics giving what dim light manages to break through an eerie lifelessness. Due to icy conditions this morning, lots of people were home with their kids as many schools were cancelled here today. On my way to work this morning, the streets were empty and quiet, as though a comet had struck the evening before and I was the last surviving soul on the planet. Terrifying to be sure. If for no other reason, because I don’t actually know how to make a proper mojito.

It was actually around 16 years ago now that I tried a drink like this. I was on a business trip and visiting southern Florida. My coworker and I decided to take a little break and stop for lunch at a restaurant near the beach, ordering a drink we’d not really known before. It was refreshing and awesome and so we returned and had another during the trip. This time, I decided to change things up and get the mango version and that’s when I discovered I was rather allergic to this fruit. Nothing that required a trip to the emergency room, just a little closing of the throat and lips that grew twice their size. This was unfortunate as I was to be meeting clients soon after, and so we rushed around looking for some Benadryl to hopefully help fix the problem. Thankfully, we were near the hotel and they had some, for the low, low price of $2 per pill. At the time, I was singularly focused on fixing the problem and didn’t think about much else, but looking back, I’m sure I looked rather insane running around frantically with my oversized lips and the blurred speech of a madman.

This wasn’t the first and certainly not the last time I embarrassed myself in public without worrying about it. I was just glad that my lips returned to their normal size just in time for the meeting. Had it been a meeting on the other coast, I”m sure they would have just thought I’d come from a bit of plastic surgery. Perhaps even secretly applauded my efforts to improve myself. But despite all the drama, it was a good learning experience and I’ve avoided mango ever since. There was indeed a brief accidental encounter later as mango seemed to become ever popular, sneaking into salsas and sauces without announcing itself properly.  I’ve no idea why this particular story popped to mind in the middle of a nature hike, but that’s what I hope you’ve come to expect here on Doodlewash. These posts in themselves are a bit like a nature hike, heading down a path and discovering whatever comes along the way. And while you could find something you might anticipate, there are those other random days when you simply end up with mint leaves and mojitos.

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26 thoughts on “Mint Leaves & Mojitos

  1. As a fellow mango-allergee (did I just create a new word?), I feel for you. I’m also allergic to some kinds of mint (there are over 600 varieties) so I don’t drink mojitos, but I’ll enjoy yours and save myself the allergic reaction.

  2. Enjoyed your story. I haven’t ventured into painting glass yet but I have ventured into the world of Mohito which is my favourite summer drink. I had the best ones in Barcelona with strawberries. Delicous. I am also a gardener and they have a mohito mint now I include in my deck planter every year to make my own. Gardeners know not to put mint in the garden it’s very invasive.

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