Today’s prompt is “modern,” and while smartphones came to mind, one of the biggest shifts in modern times actually comes in the form of an e-reader. While phones can still be used by holding them up to your ear and talking, these are books with no pages to turn. Had you told me years ago that I would ever find myself reading anything other than a printed book, I would have said you were crazy. But, yes, I own and use one of these very modern inventions, while my Christmas list is filled with only physical books. I’m simply not ready to part with the amazing tangible experience of reading a traditional book. As technology zooms forward and turns all previously ornate objects into little digital bricks, it only serves to make me love the old-fashioned things even more. That’s why I prefer a sketchbook, pen, and watercolor to drawing on an electronic tablet. There’s something more visceral that I can’t quite justify, but it simply feels right to me. And, for the record, I tried digital painting and I totally sucked at it, so that’s also a big reason for my preference. Yet, today, I love that you can choose anything you like and combine the traditional and digital tools in whatever way works best for you!

I actually did just purchase the new Kindle as mine was over 5 years old and the latest version is a significant improvement. And I do really love it! Mostly because I find myself reading in bed late at night, so having a book that lights up on its own is a rather wonderful thing. And reading on a tablet or phone just hurts my eyes. This new version works so well that I actually had to turn the screen light down a bit to not light the whole room up. Something the snoring duo of Philippe and Phineas wouldn’t appreciate. The only downside is having an entire bookshelf trapped in a single device. This means, with my attention deficit issues, that if a book isn’t grabbing me, rather than give it a bit more time, I’m prone to hop into another one. While I adore that I’m not getting text messages and alerts while reading, it’s still not ideal. I do go back and finish all of the books eventually, but I currently have three that I’m reading simultaneously. Yet, it’s still lovely to read in any way that I can, so that’s really the most important part. Although, I will always have a special place in my heart for printed books and they will always have a very special place on my bookshelf. And, many of you have asked if I’d ever write a book, and that’s been such a beautiful bit of encouragement for me.

I wasn’t able to write a brand new book from scratch yet, but thanks to your wonderful comments, it’s something that I’m starting next! I’ve a little idea that I’m super excited about and it involves a little fiction writing. Something I’ve wanted to try for years, and so I figured that my DO manifesto should certainly apply to this dream as well. In the meantime, I did actually manage to publish a little collection of my favorite stories using my Sketching Stuff podcast as a way to curate and assemble them. I’m going to be announcing it properly next week, but if you read my full posts, you deserve a little insider’s scoop. It’s the size of a novel at 280 pages, has over 180 black and white illustrations (color isn’t an option in a book of this size, but, as it turns out, my doodlewashes look really cool in black and white!), with 25 pages of brand new rambles, and it’s available now on Amazon! (in hardcover, paperback, or that super modern e-book form… well, Kindle with this link, but, it’s also available on other ebook readers as well). Thanks so much for inspiring me on this amazing journey and I hope you’ll share my book with people you know in your life who might want a little creative inspiration and positive thinking. The best part is, you can open it to any page and start reading. In this way, it’s perfectly modern reading!

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25 thoughts on “Modern Reading

  1. I love my Kindle mostly because of Kindle Unlimited. I read so many books every year and between Unlimited and the library-also read on my Kindle-I can read almost all the books I want each month for about the price it would cost for a printed version. That said, the special books I still want to hold in my hand. That’s why I’ve already bought your new book. I opted for the paperback, because that’s what I have your cookbook in (my sister-in-law stole my hardback version of it) so I’ll have a matching set. Can’t wait for your fiction!

    1. Thanks so much, Sandra!! 😃💕I can’t thank you enough!! I hope you’ll enjoy the book. I was thrilled with how it turned out. (and it’s 7 times thicker than the cookbook, so that alone makes it feel impressive! hehe). And I was thrilled that the purchase of my new Paperwhite came with 6 months free of Kindle Unlimited, so I’ve been having a blast! Love it!

    1. Thanks so much, Sharon! 😃💕 Hope you’ll enjoy the book! You’ll likely already read most of it, but it’s somehow cooler in print form. And there’s 25 pages I’ve never published here or anywhere before! hehe

  2. I love my Kindle! In fact I’m writing this on it right now! I bought it in the first place because books were starting to hurt my hands. My nerves in my hands and feet read things funny. Like cold feels hot sometimes, and my feet are always cold except sometimes when they are so hot I have to put ice on them. Weird right? The one thing I do own in hard book form is art books. Especially watercolor. Like my brush and paint collections, book buying has gotten a bit out of control. But I love them all!

    1. That’s awesome, Lisa! 😃💕 Yeah, I have to admit to really loving my Kindle. Though paper books always held a special place in my heart, the darn convenience of the Kindle is hard to ignore! hehe And I just love stories however I can get them! 😉

  3. Santa is bringing me your new book. I’m so excited! I know I’m going to love it. The deal is, I’m not allowed to open it until Christmas day…kind of like “the cookie one can’t have until tomorrow”.

    While speaking of projects and busy schedules, etc.. I wanted to insert something here from my wish list…I’m wishing you would do a quick kids’ book about Phineas’ day with Bob the Raccoon and Michael the squirrel, and of course Cindy the evil cat. I know you’re busy, and I know every project will be a joy for all of us, but I’m so enamored with Michael the Squirrel. He will be the next addition to my “O’shields collection”.

    I’m so glad you put together a collection of your fav sketches and stories. I can’t wait to hold it in my hands! Thanking you for all you do!

    As for that new Kindle, bah humbug…just kidding…kinda. : )

    1. Yay for Santa!! hehe That’s awesome, Sarah! 😃💕 And I knew he’d get you one because you were such a wonderful inspiration for making it happen in the first place! Thanks for that! And that’s a fabulous idea on the story. To be honest, the only thing keeping me from a kid’s book is the complete inability to make them. It’s too costly for print on demand and that only leaves an e-book. That said, my new idea, while for adults, is still a kid at heart idea and will actually feature Phineas quite prominently. 😉

    1. Thanks so much, Mary! 😃💕 Hope you enjoy the book! And yeah, I adore the convenience of my Kindle, but flipping through a hardcover version of my own book reminded me just how cool those old-fashioned versions are! hehe

  4. Congrats on your book – it looks terrific!! I have so enjoyed following the journey of Doodlewash and even though I don’t comment as much any more, I always smile when I see your paintings and read your words.

    1. Thanks so much, Ellie!! 😃💕 It was wonderful to finally publish a book of my stories and illustrations. I hope you’ll buy a copy or buy one for someone else in your life. I hope the book will bring smiles to lots of people!

  5. I love my Kindle, I am currently on my 3rd! I understand what you mean by the books being forgotten, I do that all the time. I have been an avid reader since I could read. Congratulations on your decision to write a book, I know that you are on your way. I love your writing, you have a talent most definitely. Congratulations on your book of stories, I need to get it. I suck at reading anything longer than a few paragraphs. But when I read a book I am patient and actually read. No idea perhaps it is this fast moving cyber world to blame. Have you checked out Goodreads? You can promote your books on there. It is a book community, I have been a member for several years. Cheers!!

    1. Yay to another Kindle lover! 😃💕 And thanks, Margaret on the book! It’s mostly a compilation of my best posts combined with 25 pages of new rambles! And I am on Goodreads, so I’ll check that out. Still trying to figure how how to promote it properly. This book is rather unique in that it doesn’t faithfully fit in a genre. It’s a memoir and then some. But the cool part is, you don’t have to read it in any particular order so you can just jump around at will! Perfect for the modern attention deficit problems so many of us have! lol

      1. You can add your book to Goodreads…. I have done it. If it is on Amazon you can link it. I think that as long as you have an isbn number. Though I have seen audio lectures listed there. It would be worth looking into it. I am sure that you can come up with all sorts of genres for it.

        1. Aww thank you so much, Margaret!! 😃💕 That’s so sweet of you! I was actually proud of the Sketching Stuff one because it’s truly an illustrated memoir, but probably still defies genre. I have a habit of doing that. 😊 My next book is going to be pure genre fiction, with my usual spin, of course.

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